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Wishlist / Re: Simulating a cartridge with wheryougo
February 21, 2011, 19:25:28
You are right, if I need a test version, I will mail you - Thanks !
Wishlist / Re: Change the drawing of zones
February 21, 2011, 07:11:59
Thank you very much. I don't know if I can check it but I will try
Wishlist / Change the drawing of zones
February 20, 2011, 17:11:50

in my oppinion it would be better to change the drawing of zones.
As I went with some cachers making beta-test on my own cartridges I recognized that the cachers hab often problems to identify the zones. This is because the rectangle around the zone is drawed more visible (magenta) than the zone itself (grey).
Why do you paint this rectangle around a zone?
Can you draw the zone itself in magenta ?

Wishlist / Simulating a cartridge with wheryougo
February 19, 2011, 16:08:25
it would be nice to have a simulation-mode, so I could test my own (or play another) cartidge with wheryougo like in the emulator


I was walking with some differently experienced users with different devices and some of them were confused.
In my cartidge I have a command "Use" and this command can be done on different items.
When there are more than one item available, they see these items and if there is only one (because the others have been used and vanished) this one isn't seen anymore. This behaviour confused the users.

So I think it would be better to click once more and to see more.


on a Garmin or the PocketPC Player, the user sees the target of a command even when there is just one single target. In the great WhereYouGo Player this can't be seen by the user, a command with just one single target is executed immediately.
So the user experience is different on the different devices.

What do you think about changing this behavior in WhereYouGo to be the same as on the other devices?

Thomas (tower27)