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Wishlist / My wishlist for X-mas
December 09, 2012, 21:26:57
Dear Santa Claus,

first of all I have to thank for this very marvellous application!
But some things could be better for me and here is my wishlist for X-mas:  

1. since the last update the visibility of additional waypoints went wrong.
I select a POI, choose the waypoints which I want to see on the map and this additional point will be shown with a thin red line. But if I close Locus and re-open it - the waypoint isn't shown any more and I have to do the same procedure again.
(In version 2.7.x it was o.k.)

2. I select a POI on the map and the menu is opening.
It would be very nice, if on the waypoint button in the menu a flag would be shown if there are additional waypoints or not - e.g. such a tiny corner like on the description button.

3. I select a POI on the map and the menu is opening.
It would be very nice, if in this menu the button for additional waypoints would be. So I don't have to open the POI for add/edit an additional waypoint (as a shortcut).

4. It would be a great feature for me, if there were also sub-categories in the db. So I could better organize e.g. all restaurants (e.g. Praha, Berlin, New York...) or the geocaches (e.g. tradi, multi, mystery).

Dear Santa I know this is very much - but it is just a WISHLIST!
Many thanks and many greetings