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Troubles & Questions / Cache and download
September 02, 2012, 05:29:24
If you have cache selected and cache an area at a zoom level say 14 then later download that same area with a zoom level 12 and 14 will it overwrite the existing cache if saved in the same file or will there be two of the same tiles save?

Also if i have a few tiles missing at a certain zoom level and select a larger area to download will the existing tiles be downloaded again or only the missing ones?  I ask because I only have 10,000 tiles a day and don't want to waist any on tiles i already have.

Thanks for any help
Troubles & Questions / Re: Joining Maps
September 02, 2012, 04:49:58
figured it out,  I had to download a new map into the folder before it would be recognized.  Also i found if you move a map into a different folder it wont be recognized until you save a new area into the moved map.

If you move a map file under into a new folder the name still shows up in the previous directory until you clear the cache.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Joining Maps
September 02, 2012, 04:09:47
Quote from: "Starman"If your swiss maps are sqlite, I believe if you were to create the directory:


and place both swiss maps inside that directory, they would remain seperate, but Locus would see them as one map.

When i created a folder and added it,  i always get "proses unsuccessful"  ??
sorry i thought the add on was from Locus.
I'm using Locus to download ESRI world & Google maps not BCNAV.

When downloading a map using Locus it gives an option for zoom level, if i select say 18 it wont download because it exceeds 10,000 tiles.  I don't see why Locus would have the option if it cant be used, try it..    

Yes, i could scroll around the screen with it zoomed in for two weeks to get the map coverage i need but that's insane! Plus isn't there a cache limit and wouldn't it start to write over the previous cached tiles?
Ok I downloaded those two files and saved them in the MOBAC folder, created an output file "RMaps SQLite" and moved it to my SD card and it worked ! 24Mb though

So how do I get MOBAC to open ESRI maps so I can convert them?
"SQLite (optional)

Some atlas formats uses a SQLite database for storing the tiles. For creating SQLite database the additional Java library SQLiteJDBC is required. MOBAC has been tested with sqlitejdbc-v056.jar - newer versions should also work.

Installation of the additional SQLite libraries is pretty simple: Just jownload the JAR file and place it in the same directory where Mobile_Atlas_Creator.jar is located. Alternatively you can place it in any path covered by the JAVA search path. The next time MOBAC is started the SQLite library is loaded and can be used."

The link to SQLiteJDBC  is dead so not sure if its the same as any other file I googled and downloaded with the same name?   Also I have no clue what a JAR file is or where to get one or the one I need to create the map I want?
I have about 15gb of maps stored under BCNAV on my SD card, for some reason they tipple in size when copying to the card.  I had to copy the files over in in batches less than 4gb due to FAT fileing system.

Been trying to figure out how to get MOBAC to work with Locus, been reading this thread viewtopic.php?f=21&t=4
but still clue less as to how to get it to work????  a step by step how to would be nice...

Some one posted you can make maps from google earth,  but the details are less than vague  " (..... + Google Earth, + GMaps , minus Google Terrain . and more Maps) "

Not sure why this is so complicated,  my old Delorme gps, all I had to do was highlight an area and send it to the gps unit

I'm willing to send a "donation $$" to someone that can make the map for me.
Whats the best method for downloading a atlas with a zoom of 18 in satellite imagery of Pureto Rico & US Virgin islands.

ESRI, ARCGIS, google... any of those that are clear at that zoom level.

Thanks for any help or if someone can send me a map
Every new app has a learning curve.  Today is the first day i've used Locus and from what I can tell, you cant download anything that is highlighted in red?  Google maps does the same thing as ESRI.

What is the purpose of listing the option if you cant use it?
When I tried downloading Puerto Rico with a zoom of 17 it said it would exceed my daily tile allowance is that Locus not allowing me or where i'm getting the map from?
Currently i'm using BCNAV in conjunction with MOBAC to create a satellite atlas of Puerto Rico & US Virgin islands to a zoom level of about 17 to 18.

The problem i'm having is when I move the files to my SD card the size tipples!

I have a 32gb card but it quickly gets filled up not to mention the 4gb transfer issue with FAT filing system.

I have been playing with the Locus free version and like the ESRI world satellite maps but any "none" hybrid satellite imagery that is clear at a zoom of 17 would work for me.

With the Pro version will I be able to download unlimited tiles of this type of map for the areas stated?
And what is the approximate file size for those two areas at that zoom?

Thanks for any help