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Oh, I see. I had the top panel disabled so that I can see a larger part of the map, so this button didn't show up for me. I would much prefer if the GPS screen button was put back on the main menu, but now I can at least access the GPS screen (at the cost of viewing a smaller map area). Thanks.
Locus has always been a nice app, and the best feature by far was the GPS screen that opened from the main menu, showing satellite lock status, speed, altitude & a quick GPS on/off toggle etc. This is the screen I'm talking about: ... gps_screen
In a recent version, this screen seems to have been removed. I can't even find it from the settings menu. In fact, as far as I can tell, there is currently no way of switching GPS on or off, and no way of accessing speed/altitude/bearing information, which makes the app very inconvenient to use. What happened here? Why was it removed?
In my opinion, merging the "Locus Shop" menu item into the "Locus" menu item and reinstating the GPS screen would hugely improve the app. In the meantime, is an apk of the last version with the GPS screen available?