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Hi all,
I'm using LOCUS Pro very often on my smartphone during bycicling for geocaching >> POI alert on

To save battery power I would like to put screen off. It seems POI alert isn't working then?
Anybody has a hint?
Dear menion,

sorry for the hassle  :-[

I was right with my very last guess - the gpsies-app was the cause for the trouble I had.
I deleted the gpsies app and installed it new > now everything works fine once more.

I'm very, very sorry  :-\

Best regards, RobRoy2
Hi menion,

for me it seems more and more that the problem is on gpsies-side !

1. cleared download folders / delete track folder of Locus
2. started gpsies app
3. searched for first track in gpsies around hometown Kressbronn = "Bodolz-Dornier-Museum"
4. clicked downloaded GPX button in gpsies
5. connection to locus was started automatically
6. choose empty track folder in Locus to download
7. started download via locus
8. Result :
8a.  download folder smartphone contains the chosen track Bodolz.gpx
8b)  track folder in Locus contained "Tettnang Richtung Wasserburg.gpx" a total other file

did as you said and started gpsies app once more
1. choose a bicycle track in France called "Cluny"
2. downloaded track via gpsies ... automatically was connected to Locus
3. choose the track folder with the above mentioned 1 route
4. download started
5. Result
5a) Locus track folder shows now two times the very same track "Tettnang Richtung Wasserburg.gpx" with the very same lenght >> tracks are identical
5b) download folder on smartphone shows chosen track: "cluny.gpx"

I tried to understand this and went to gpsies-app once more.
The track which shows up in Locus every time -"Tettnang Richtung Wasserburg.gpx" - is the oldest track (April 15th 2017)  in the "chronological sequence tab" of my gpsies-app

But how the heck can it be, that the right tracks are downloaded to smartphone downolad folder and in the progress in locus become the other track ???

Best regards, RobRoy aka Rainer
Hi menion,

it's becoming more and more mysterious : :-[

I deleted the download folders and the track folder in Locus
I downloaded a file "Obst und Weinbau Immenstaad.gpx" from gpsies - which I can find in the download folder
Nevertheless it occurs - after automatic connection with Locus - there in the track folder as a different track "Tettnang Richtung Wasserburg ..."  :'(
Hi menion, Balloni,

I updated gpsies app and was able to choose   ONE different track to download to locus tracks.
Second - other - track  >> the very same issue : same track from above in the locus track folder ... now twice !!

Are you - menion - in close contact with Klaus from gpsies ??

I'm running Locus Pro version 3.24.3
I deleted all files in any download folder beforehand !
Hi menion, Balloni,

I tried to delete the cache of the gpsies app - which is not possible  :(

I posted a note to Klaus - the developer of gpsies - and asked for a hint / some help here.

I even don't know if the cache issue is a reason for my "problem"

It's a pain for a user if he's trapped between 2 systems / apps    :-[
Hi Balloni,

using the webs service gpsies from internally Locus is quite painful and doesn't show any results - at least for me if I'm e.g. looking for bicycle tracks around kressbronn +/- 30 km. This is strange, since I know there a a lot using gpsies the other way round - see below.

I'm using the gpsies-app on my smartphone (Galaxy A5 2016)
- without login - I'll have an account but that wasn't necessary yet - I choose the search function
- with some clicks into the boxes I go for
            "bicycle" once more "bicycle"... then
            "all" and/or "roundtrip
            radius ( 5 or 10 km)
            City:  Kressbronn
            length:  52 km
Staying with this I get e.g. "Kressbronn-Hopfenradweg" a 44,0 km roundtrip
I choose this via click and get further information about start address, elevation ... and the icons Downlad KML and  Download GPX
I choose "Download GPX" and automatically Locus opens up asking me where to store the track
I download it into an available folder "Bodensee" - wiht the option "Show track on map after import"
after download the track is shown on locus map >> somewhere else than Bodensee region like shown in the above attachment
checking the folder where it's stored I get the file as of 12.4 km named "Hirschberg-Runde (Wandern) ..."

Is this description any better ???
Hi Ballons,
my problem is, that every bicycle track I download from Gpsies results in the track shown in the picture!
I hope the description is somehow possible to understand?
Hi folks,
since a while  - don'the know the reason - the download of (bicycle) tracks from Gpsies are not working anymore.
Whatever track I choose, it will appear as "Hirschbergrunde ..." and it's shown everyone the very same track - whatever I download into whatever folder.

Since some time I'm not able to upload field notes which I wrote as offline logs when I'm back at home and logged in to my WifI network.

Code 3: Message token is expired

But I'm still Premium member of ??!
Hi Menion,
I'm premium member @ groundspeak and generate my caches via PQ.
Meanwhile I found the offlinizer button which takes a hell of a time to download pictures :( which should already be in the PQs ? It seems that every update of the PQs made pictures lost ?
For offlinizer I suggest to only load pictures which are not already downloaded - if this is possible ?
PS I'm using live API for this purpose
habe auch - andere - Probleme mit Locus pro und will es de- und dann wieder installieren.
Habe es im google apps store gekauft -
merkt sich der store den kauf oder muss ich nochmal bezahlen ? :o
danke für Feedback - RobRoy2
Dear all,

I'm new in this forum and only used Locus Free so far for geocaching; so pls forgive me if I post silly question(s)

I'm currently using c:geo and Locus free in parallel. Reason for this is, that Locus (free) don't show either listing and (spoiler) pictures nor comments for mysteries.  >>> > for example I tried GC3NHHW << but c:geo do  and works fine.

Since I find it awesome to switch between c:geo & Locus I planned to upgrade for Locus Pro. I installed Pro version and checked it out but have had the same mysterious trouble: no listing, no picture no comments :(

Can anybody give me a hint if it's my fault and -if- what I need to change to make it happen ?

Thanx in advance