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Tools / Re: c-me live tracking
May 20, 2017, 14:45:43
Quote from: gynta on May 19, 2017, 17:22:04[...]runs since 2013. Further development was stopped years ago. sorry

btw. In guestmode you can set max. visble trackpoints[...]

I see... guess i'm a little too late then  ;)
And am I assuming correctly that there are currently no plans to release the sources (like via github etc.) for folks interesting in hosting some clone on their own server and maybe modify / add functionality?

Regarding your hint with the max. visible trackpoints in guestmode: you are referring to the manual setting via drop-down-list within the guest-mode that allows the alter the default value of 300 visible trackpoints, right?
Just for clarification: above, I was thinking about an individually settable default value for the guest login so guests only have to click the link and are directed to a view that e.g. shows 10 trackpoints only per default.
Tools / Re: c-me live tracking
May 19, 2017, 16:11:44

@gytna: hello again! been checking out live-tracking with your service and so far like it pretty much, so thanks again for providing all this for free!

i've also come across some ideas on additional features that might be helpful to some (including me ;)) plus possibly easy to implement that i'd like to discuss/share. please forgive me if such feature is already available and was not seen/understood correctly by me.
while using live tracking I found it at times hard to distinguish newer tracks/positions from older ones that might still be present in the database and are located in the same area that the current tracking is taking place.

* to mitigate this, a rather simple approach could be to be able to individually configure the default number of positions drawn which would be applied automatically when the guest-link is openend by a user/guest.‎

* some more advanced approach: fading/coloring between sections depending on age of the segment. e.g. use of transparency for say 15-minute intervals so the segments within the last 15min are fully opaque while the oldest ones (e.g. older than 4 hours) are displayed in 20% transparency or use a darker color.

* another approach which probably needs more effort to implement could be to define some sort of timeout (say 1,2,4,8,16 hours) after which old datapoints are not shown as connected to newer ones and are styled in a different color.

for now, to minimize visual confusion on the map I need to manually login to my account and clear all my database entries which works for my usecase but is far from ideal IMHO.

what do you (or others interested in such functionality) think about my idea so far?

have a nice weekend everyone,
cheers!  8)
Tools / Re: c-me live tracking
April 08, 2017, 14:28:26
dear gynta,

i'd love to try c-me and would therefore like to ask you if you could pleas provide me with an account on your system.
as I remain unsure about the minimal length of a nickname i'd prefer 'ax' but if its too short would also go for 'ntplx'.
many thanks in advance!
regarding 3)
in my case the text is preselected but i need to tap the textfield for the virtual keyborad to show up. when it shows up, the text is still preselected so i can simply clear the text by hitting backspace and enter a new text.
the trouble for me here is (but that might be unique to my special configuration eventually) that once the virtual keyboard shows up, i cannot reach the buttoons at the bottom by scrolling down and there is no 'hide keyboard'-key on my virtual keyboard.
i found a solution in my case by flipping out the hardware keyboard of my device which makes the virtual keyboard vanish but i wonder if others without a hardware keyboard ever stumbled over this?
i was able to add a link by using 'add link - programm' as you described and this one opens the application successfully.
however, when opening gps-averaging through this link there seems no way of sending the coordinates averaged in gps-averaging back to locus. i don't know if this behaves identically when using a feature-link but was somewhat hoping that this would provide a shortcut to directly add an anveraged point to locus.
but of course (as i just found out) i can almost as quickly use the standard add-point feature-link and hit 'new' in the corrdinates section and use gps-averaging through there.

regarding my other issue (no. 2), i finally found time to submit a bug-report where i suggest to have the u1 app register for .gpx and .zip and other useful extensions: //

Quote from: "menion"hmm as I look into "add new point" and then "new" button (next to coordinates), I see "GPS Averaging" at bottom of list. Do you see it also?
yes, i do see this option and it works fine for me. so this would be a workaround i could somewhat live with.
by the add-point feature i originally meant the way 'main menu' -> 'functions' -> 'add new point' but while playing around with this further, i just found out that even here gps-averaging can be used when one hits the 'new'-button in the coordinates-section. i somehow had a different workflow of this in my memories but i could be wrong.
but even though i can access the gps-averaging app like you described, if i configure the right panel to contain a feature-link to gps-averaging hitting it refuses to open it but leads me to google play. pls let me know if unclear / i should describe this in more detail.

thanks @ gynta for the screenshot btw...
hi twodordan,

i run the latest version of locus and havent had any issues with my manually downloaded vector maps (located at /mnt/sdcard/Locus/mapsVector), they get displayed fine in the map-manager as well. in this folder i've put the file and in locus the are listed as expected in the tab labeled 'Vector' right next to the tab 'Personal'.
if the vector-tab is not displayed make sure you enable it through placing a hook at vector in the settings accessible through the settings-button on the top right of the map-manager screen.

hope this helps,
regards, anti
hi menion,

thank you very much for your answers!

1) my issues with the backup manager are solved, i simply did not realize that the cancel-button refers only to the auto-backup section, imho it might be more intuitive to name it something like 'clear auto-backup' but of course this is much longer.

2) i will write to the developer of the android u1 client about this issue, great explanation of yours, pretty much how i expected this to be.

3) i thought i tried opening a geohash-link on my device and thought it didn't give me any choice of application to open it with but you a perfectly right, if geohash- (or g-maps-) links can be opened with locus there is indeed no need for another namespace, i will try this soon and report back in case of any problems.

another issue came to my mind that i forgot to mention in my original post... not sure if i should open another thread for it, since its somewhat short i'll describe it here and move it to its own thread if i can't get an answer.

4) for quite a while the gps-averaging app has been a nice companion of locus (available as external plugin) and i used to use it quite a lot. after not having used it for some time i found that it is no longer directly available through the 'add point' menu as i thought it once was but there is the possibility to configure a shortcut on the right panel to it. this shortcut however won't open the gps-averaging app but links to the 'no ads'-version in google-play. so in other words it seems as if there is no more integration of the free (add-supported) gps-averaging-app. is this correct or am i missing something?

regards, anti
dear community,

this is my first post to this board but i am already a rather long therm user of locus and liked it from the start and even more how it evolved since then.  :D
however, three issues i was wondering for a while now are still around motivating me for todays posting, maybe someone can point me to a solution:

 :?: 1. auto-backup
what i've been wondering about for a while now is where the settings/menu for the automatic backup on startup is hiding itself.
i have the 'settings for experts' (under settings -> functions & modules) box checked and upon each startup i can see that there is a new created correctly at '/mnt/sdcard/Locus/backup/auto'. within each of those .zip archives there is a single fie called 'tracks' containing my recorded tracks.
when i go to menu -> funtions -> backup manager and scroll down to the bottom of this dialogue i see a section called 'automatic backup' with the following entries:
  automatic backup - enabled
  backup every 1 days
  setting - no
  points - no
  tracks - yes
  wms - no
but there is no option to alter those setting here and i can't seem to find it anywhere else in the settings (e.g. settings -> miscellaneous). also in config.cfg i couldn't spot any keys to configure these. any hints how i might do this?

 :?: 2. sharing to ubuntu one cloud service
when sharing exported data or map-center i get a selection of (compatible) installed applications on my device such as email-programs, skype, dropbox (which i don't use any more) and the like. one link i am missing here is the one of the ubuntu one cloud storage client for android ( ... roid.files) which i have installed and which works nicely so far. i don't know if programs being listed in these share-selections need to advertise any specific service or identifier or wheter locus has some sort of list of programs it can pass data to. please let me know how this works and if something needs to be changed on the side of the u1-client.
ps: i know i could alter the export-folder in config.cfg and set it to the u1-folder but the problem here is that the current u1-client does not actively sync folder contents but needs to be made aware of files that should be added. its the same with google drive for android, dunno about dropbox but i would like to not use another cloud service in order to keep some overview.

 :?: 3. sending the current position to other locus-user(s)
what would be the fastest way to send a location (point) to another user (e.g. via some xmpp-chat-service) so that user can import this easily to the device running locus and e.g. set a guide to it? i know there is the possibility to easily share the map center (as plain text-coordinates, geohash-url, google-maps-url) or a stored point (as geohash-url) but i am lacking a simple way to import this into locus on the other side. is there a way to do so without too much hassle? i am dreaming of something like a specific locus-namespace-url which directly opens locus with the new point imported so there is no need to save everything to a file (gpx,kml), attach the file to an email, save the attachment on the other device and finally import it into locus.
a typical use case for such functionality would be to guide someone else ad-hoc to a certain location/meeting-point which has no address or visible fixpoint and where a guidance would be the easiest.

thanks a lot for reading all this text and if possible for any hints helping me with this.
regards, anti