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Have used gcofflinizer on Friday, apparently successfully. Update of the same folder this morning (by overwriting the previous entries...) - gcofflinizer is downloading rather rapidly, but on the end it is saying "downloaded 1 UNsuccessfully". During the download a message "Not authorized" appeared for some time. Any ideas?
Thanks and regards, fussfolk.
Have investigated those issues for few days now (Win7/64, Intel SU4100):
a) Bluestack, does not really run on my machine (frequently crashes), maybe causes by graphics adapter incompatibility (according to forum)
b) VirtualBox (v4.1.18), buildroid_vbox86t_4.0.3_r1-20120518_gapps - Locus works quite well
--> only issue: no access to local data outside VM (LAN works fine), TotalCommander installed on VM-Android
b1) USB - although connected to USB device via VirtualBox there is nothing at /mnt/usb/...
b2) no access to local drives, although set via VirtualBox Shared Folders
b3) only solution is installing LAN PlugIn in TotalCommander and connecting to local WinServer - then via that link copying data (e.g., maps) into Locus is feasible.

Any ideas to get b1) and b2) working (to skip b3)?

Thanks and regards, fussfolk.
Thanks for fast feedback - well, how about close to end of this month;o?

Some of the area of interest is already covered by outskirts of the Former Yugoslavia map, but some part missing yet...

Anyway, maybe I will try to get through the creation procedure myself;-)

Thanks, and best regards, fussfolk.
Quote from: "jurajs"if you are missing something, try to make a wish ;-)

Hi Jurajs,
that's really great work - I am using hiking theme and your maps almost always, and enjoy a lot, thanks!

By the way - there's a wish: How about "Albania"?

Thanks in advance, and best regards, fussfolk.