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Troubles & Questions / Re: Altitude Units (Locus 4)
September 20, 2023, 16:17:51

contour lines are a static part of the map and are currently in meters. Unfortunately, setting the units in the application has no effect on the contour lines in the selected map.
Anyway, we are currently improving the offline LoMaps for the US and in the next version, the contour lines will be in feet.

Regards, Petr

all themes were removed because were created for LoMaps gen 3 and weren't compatible with gen 4. But some authors were preparing new version compatible with LoMaps gen 4. @john_percy @karlchick do you think is it possible to publish your themes in Locus Store?
Troubles & Questions / Re: Map detail scaling
September 11, 2023, 13:16:04
@Newlands The only way, as others have already suggested, is to use a different theme.

Alternatively, you can use the route planner for planning...

Thanks, Petr
Troubles & Questions / Re: Pay LM4 with LoCoins
September 06, 2023, 10:16:15
...good question. To be honest we aren't very familiar with Google Play Credit but according to it may be possible to buy also subscription with Google Play Credit

Check if your country allows you to pay for your subscription using your Google Play balance/credit. Google Play should prioritize your GP balance on your next renewal. This means you don't need to take any additional steps, you can keep your subscription active and Google Play will use the balance for your next renewal.

I would rather suggest setting the Google Play balance as the default payment method (Google Play > Menu > Tap Payments & subscriptions and then Payment methods and then Google Play balance.)

Anyway, you can contact us in November and we can refund your payment if the GP balance is not used, and we would focus on dealing with locoins...
Other features / Re: LoMaps + MapsForge V4
August 25, 2023, 12:18:39

I'm sorry for the late reply. Finally, it's some time to focus on the map again :)
- railway=miniature added
- natural=mud - thank you for the report - my mistake. I added the natural=mud only into POINT section and WAYS were omitted (will be fixed in the next LoMaps)
- leisure=nature_reserve - I'm testing the latest LoMaps and seems to be OK (would you please check it again)
- icn&ncn available from zl=8 and rcn available from zl=10
This icon represents a general gate (without type specification). I can understand that city areas are overcrowded with these symbols but they are useful for cyclists (especially in the UK).

Anyway, you found a bug because offline LoMaps use the old symbol for the gateway. For online LoMaps we have prepared a new and less distinctive symbol. We have fixed it in offline LoMaps as well. It's still not ideal, but hopefully, it's better than before. See the attached screenshotYou cannot view this attachment.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Latest V3 LoMaps
August 10, 2023, 22:34:52
@jusc I'm sorry there is no official way to downgrade to older V3 only V4 map can be purchased now. Could I kindly ask you why you prefer the LoMaps V3, please?
Thanks, Petr
fine, it'll be available in the next version of LoMaps...
Well, could I add "location=underground" to LoMaps for the next release if that helps?
Troubles & Questions / Re: broken map section
July 26, 2023, 09:44:01
I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I understand your question. Are there any roads missing from the map? Or is the problem in the navigation - between points 1 - 2? What navigation profile (Walking, Cycling,...) are you using, please?

Thanks, Petr
@Viajero Perdido
captions - that would be nice but maybe later :)
forest areas - I see the next maps will contain fores/wood from ZL=9
Maps / Re: Greenland map broken
July 07, 2023, 15:32:55
It is difficult to say what happened. In any case, please contact us if this happens again.
Maps / Re: Greenland map broken
July 07, 2023, 11:35:55
It wasn't updated regularly because of the size and time of generation. But the generation without contour lines should be quicker. Regarding the broken view - is it possible that there was a combination of LoMaps V4 and old V3 generation when the old V3 map isn't auto-loaded when another V4 map is selected?