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sorry for my delayed response.

Ok, I know this way, that the navigation shows you the true direction and rotation. But I will try it with the invalid distance parameter lower than 30 meters.

Maybe you are able to integrate a feature, that the user can choose between navigation rotation/navigation direction and the true rotation/direction by the user so you can see moving the car icon on the screen.

And for the last, I am also interested what other users think about this topic!?  ;)

Thanks for your help!

now i got the time to create the video. Sorry for the bad quality and that the vid is rotated to the left  :D

I hope with the vid you can understand what i mean.

The interesting point is when I leave the route, its difficult to realize that I left the route and also after recalculation of the root it took a few seconds for me that I have to change my direction, because the map is locked to the navigation route direction.
Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply!

1) In the mountain there is no internet connection. I used offline maps and need to be on the route.
2) Yes, rotate map was on
3) Maybe I set this to high and so I have a question. If I set the invalid distance to 50 meters and recalculate to 100 meters, does it mean that 50 meters off route Locus is switching to guide mode and when I'm 100 meters away Locus caclulates a new route (when internet is available)?

One point is unclear to me: "If i reach a point ie for turn right 90° the map is rotating automatically in the direction not caring about the fact, that i am still moving straight forward."

I will try to make a Video later.
Hi guys,

Today I did a long distance trip with my bike and I used the the navigation feature (not guiding).
I cycled in the mountains and there are a lot of possible ways to go and unlucky as it is it happens that I took the wrong direction. Now I try to explain my problem, because I am not native English speaker it is a bit difficult for me.
I found out that with navigation the phone direction doesn't matter. Locus shows the direction of the route. If I get off the route as it happens in the mountains Locus doesn't rotate the map as I move, it keeps locked in the route direction. The only thing what happen is, that I can see my location going away from the route but the map isn't rotating. Also the line for the view direction is locked to the navigation route. At the end it was very difficult to find the correct way back to the route because the map wasn't rotating.
The next thing I found out is, if the route has a change from one side of the street to the other, the map rotates, in the direction of the navigation route. If i reach a point ie for turn right 90° the map is rotating automatically in the direction not caring about the fact, that i am still moving straight forward.
Maybe I've set something wrong in Locus and I hope someone can help me.

If you want, I try to make a video.
Under review / Re: Wish: Routing along Tracks
May 24, 2012, 23:13:14
Thanks menion,

just voted!
Under review / Re: Wish: Routing along Tracks
May 23, 2012, 22:07:42
Hello guys,

I am also a very happy user of Locus Pro and at first many thanks to the author for this great software!
I love the navigation feature and I also created routes via or After importing them into Locus a have the same problem like others. I can use the "guide to" function but for ciclying its not the best to navigate in unknown areas/cities (I don't like to drive slower than 20kmh). For walking in the field it should be perfect, but during cycling it can be very stressful and the navigation feature is the best you can have. I also realised that osmand and for example run.gps trainer can handle every gpx-file and the apps recalculate the navigation route themselve, but never leave the imported track. Seems, that they take a look into the file and looking for useful navigation points so that the user gets the instruction "in 45m turn left" or "go ahead 1254m".

Also my question is, if this feature in Locus is planned or if you work on it, how the progress is? If this feature will be added in Locus, this app will be the perfect outdoor navigator!

At the last point I want to let you know, why i have the other apps but why I don't want to use them. I like a professional look and feel, clear user interface without ugly colours and logos (i like a good contrast, love the night view mode!) and Locus has everything I like.

So for now, I look forward for a reply and thanks very much.

Best regards from Germany!