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Hi, joeloc,
I sent a similar question to Menion just a few days ago, but I'll come to that later. First of all I want to support you in your wish, because the coordinate form you are citing is the one used in Google maps (in the attachment see screenshots 06, 07), but it also works in Locus search/find address (08, 09), but doesn't work in Locus search coordinates, no matter which system you use (10, 11).
Because of that, I sent this E-Mail to Menion:
"...after having read a Wikipedia article on a POI it would be fine to find it in Locus by the coordinates in that article (WGS84). But in Locus search by coordinates you have three different kinds of WGS, but in none of them you can enter the WGS84 coordinates. So it would be great, if you could add this possibility!"
Shortly after that e-Mail I had found out: "you can enter the Wikipedia coordinates into the normal Address search." And in a later e-Mail I detailed:
"In the attached screenshots you can
1 see the typical Wikipedia coordinates for a location. When you click on these coordinates,
2 you get to GeoHack, where you can see, that the Wikipedia coordinates are WGS84.
3 If you enter them in Locus Search Address (like in Google Maps),
4 Locus will show the point on the map (like in Google Maps).
5 In Locus Search Coordinates there is no possibility of entering Wikipedia WGS84 coordinates. If you could arrange to have an entry here for WGS84 coordinates, I'm sure it would make things easier for many users." See screenshots 01 to 05.
So, it would be helpful, if Locus could add to the coordinates search a mask that accepts These two WGS84 entry forms.