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[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: Zaznam stopy
« on: August 04, 2012, 20:22:50 »
Uz ked sa tu riesi zaznam stop, dovolim si otazku co riesim teraz ja...

V kategorii TRASY mam IMPORTOVANE - to su tie ktore som proste naimportoval.
Vsetky takto naimportovane trasy maju na mape svoju farbu, sirku stopy.
Toto viem zmenit kliknutim po jednotlivych trackoch.
Da sa to nejako zmenit hromadne ? - oznacim trebars 30 trackov a tym dam taku a taku farbua sirku stopy.

1/Preco maju vsetky zaznamenane tracky zelenu farbu, sirky 12pix, ked v menu nastavenia zaznamu tras mam nastavene cosi ine....
2/ Viem si vytvorit vlastnu kategoriu trackov? pomenovat po svojom, na ikone nezalezi...
3/V starsich verziach som vedel jednoducho zmenit hromadne ikony BODOV ZAUJMU.
Teraz to nijak raz neviem. Riesim to tak, ze vytvorim novu kategoriu, ktorej viem dat aku ma mat ikonu - teda vsetky body v nej a body tam presuvam z inych kategorii. AKo to spravim na jeden klik? isto to ide..

Various & Bin / mass inport of tracks
« on: February 29, 2012, 19:08:52 »
Hi ,
I have just received lots of tracks, which I want to import to locus pro.-about 300 tracks.
But I can import only one by one gpx files, not to mark lots on files.
And for my 300 tracks it is work for a week.
It should be good, to mark for example 100 gpx filex together and import to the locus.
Is is possible?

Released / Re: [APP] - version 2.0.X
« on: February 26, 2012, 13:14:12 »
OK, i have just download new locus pro from market, and vector maps are working well. Very fast redraw, tnx

Released / Re: [APP] - version 2.0.X
« on: February 24, 2012, 16:20:28 »
Problem is only with vector maps. I tried online maps, and downloaded maps/OSM,freemap/ It is working well and fast. Switch back to vector map, i need wait very long time - sometimes few minutes to draw a map, when I move on the map, the same - wait 50,100,150 or 200sec. Application is still responding , but there is only very long time for redraw vector map.Problem will be in this new version, because yesterday I used vector maps and worked well.

Released / Re: [APP] - version 2.0.X
« on: February 24, 2012, 14:31:20 »
Hi, I have downloaded new 2.0 version about 1 hour ago, but the same problem.
On HTC wildfire I use mostly offline / dowloaded/ vector map - slovakia.
On previous version i works well, but now it is very very slow.
To print new area, or zoom on map it takes not 20sec, but i my case about 50-70 sec and during these time is processor on 100%.
Something is wrong...

EDIT: I am sending You catlog file - start record, start locus pro- wait about 3min! for loading vector map-exit locus-stop recording.
It now really takes abou 3min for loadingand show vector map.


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