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Hi Menion,
i forwarded an Notification Mail to your Mailaccount (">
The important link is visit <cachetyp> cache.
Usualy the link opens the browser but if installed cgeo, you can choose this app to open the link.
Then the cachedescription will be loaded and you can save it directly to the cgeo DB.

At the moment it is a little bit inconvenient.
I got the mail, open link with browser, logon to GC, download GPX file, start locus and import gpx file.

Merry Christmas
my wish for 2012.
Would it be possible to import Caches  directly from the notification Mails.
In this mail is a link
With apps like cgeo or cachebox you can import the cache directly from this mail to the DB.

Could this also implemented in locus?

just updated with new version. Error still the same. Im using the standard android lock screen (pattern).
I tested it with pattern, pin and password - but with all the same.
Only when i choose None (unlock screen just with a sweep) then it works.

Strange that i'am the only with this problem till now
As a workaround i use the sweep lock screen now.

Nevertheless the app is great ;-)
yes screen lock
its activated on my phone, but today i have to unlock the screen always.

i will reboot my phone maybe this helps, when nobody noticed the same problem.

Hi Menion,

today i notice that the Lock Screen doesnt work anymore.
I have a Samsung Galyaxy S1.

I updated last version on sunday.
Anyone who noticed same problem?