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Weird indeed, maybe the website is still using the system differently...

I tried to find other differences by randomly choosing addresses from Finland.
Here is another example where MapQuest web site and Locus based navigation does not match:

Website is correctly pointing to right addresses and roads, but Locus (using MapQuest navigation) misses by over 1km at both ends, somehow it does not want to go to some of those small roads seen on map. Also it tries to navigate through different route.
Maybe that was a bad example, but the same happens if choosing an street address that the Locus and the MapQuest website recognises. Website is able to navigate to smaller roads. Is there a difference between this website based navigation and Locus using Mapquest?
Troubles & Questions / Navigation accuracy of Locus
October 18, 2011, 14:53:30

is it possible to change some options in order to improve navigation accuracy? Currently Locus navigates only to nearest asphalt roads which might be tens of kilometers and crossings away from the real destination. It would be especially useful when motorcycling through gravel roads here in Finland. Mapquest's website does the navigation to small roads, which you can see from this example: // It does not matter if I choose Compute source as MapQuest or CloudMade.