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Yes, but I'am saying about any user, registered or not. Is the way to see my location for anybody if I publish a link in my blog for example? Now one have to log in with my credentials anyway. :(
Is there the way to make a public link for this service to share my location with anybody?
Under review / Re: Wish: Routing along Tracks
November 08, 2011, 07:32:13
Quote from: "menion"oki guys, this is something I was thinking about a little. Maybe you can help me with this.
main question for me is format of data that can be imported to locus and that will contain some directions info. If you import GPX file that contain trk point, there is no space for directions data. On other side, rte data usually contains only direction points. So what are common solutions on other devices? Don't you have some sample for this or at least something where to start? :)

I don't know the algorithm, but OsmAnd does it perfectly. It can navigate along any GPX file. Maybe sources can help in such an investigating? Or asking an author?
When I choose a point on a map and then make a route using "navigate to" function Locus computes a route and saves it as a GPX file. Then, when I select this file again and tap "guide on" on it, I get step by step navigation and guidance, but when I make GPX file by hand (e.g. on or take recorded track and import it into Locus, step by step navigation doesn't work.

So, why not to make step by step navigation and voice guidance possibility for every GPX file, as it is done in Osmand?
I can confirm 100% CPU load, while "distance rings" option is enabled too. "time rings" option didn't cause by me high CPU load so far.
It's a pity, as this is a very useful function.