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Yes, you have to refresh the page to update the position.
It is currently not opensource; I am a newbie with python/php/javascript so my source code is probably not a good base for anything else...
All is explained in : create a live tracking service, adjust the parameters with the name of the group, user, and password. If you want to simultaneously send your position, and see the positions of your friends, do not forget the "show = 1" parameter. Then start the live tracking service in Locus.
No sure what you mean by "local map app".

If you want to view your teammates from the web, use the viewer login at, then click the Tracks or Positions button.

If you want to view them from Locus, follow "Creating a Live Tracking service in Locus Map to only receive the tracks of some others people" at at, then start the tracking
Tools / Re: custom live tracking service for Locus
January 15, 2023, 18:07:51
Quote from: Dekaru on October 05, 2022, 14:17:55It would be amazing if we could upload a GPX track(via the web interface) so the viewer could know the planned route
This has now been implemented! You can also add a textual comment that will be added to the notification email, e.g. the expected time of arrival.

Quote from: Saturo on May 06, 2022, 20:12:07Can i delete the old tracks so than i only see the last one?
Tracks are automatically deleted after 7 days, but you may now delete them immediately from the web interface.
Tools / Re: custom live tracking service for Locus
January 13, 2023, 17:07:19
Quote from: Dekaru on October 05, 2022, 14:17:55I guess it only sends the e-mail on the first daily startup
True; if you need to change the email address, either wait for the next day, or choose a new group name or a new user name

Quote from: Dekaru on October 05, 2022, 14:17:55another suggestion, a way to change the displayed timezone
No way to change the time zone, but the local time zone will now be used (i.e., the time zone at the location the tracking started, and at the time the tracking started, in case there is a border crossing or a daylight saving time change during the tracking...)

You now need to register (this is free) a group name with a password to avoid problems if multiple users try to use the same group name.

Quote from: Dekaru on October 05, 2022, 14:17:55It would be amazing if we could upload a GPX track
I will think about this, thanks for the suggestion!
There is a single track per day; you can't reset it.

If you view the track from the main page (entering the group and user name), you view today's track.

If you (or rather, if the email's recipient) view the track by clicking the link in the received email, he sees your track for that day (the email will be sent once, for each day you record a track). The tracks are deleted from the server after 7 days.

The email addresses are of course not collected, nor used for any other purpose.
No special plan; I set it up for my own use and for my friends, but if it is useful to others...
I set up a custom live tracking service for Locus.
It can be accessed at
Let me know if there is any issue with it!
Yes, the server chooses to return a gpx/kml or not, but the issue is that Locus should not require the GPS to be on, and the position to be accurate, and to have moved, to use and update this live tracker.

Thanks, I did that
It seems that the latitude/longitude parameters are mandatory when creating a custom live tracking; I think it would be very useful to let create "view only" live trackings to see the positions / traces of other people without transmitting your own position. When these parameters are omitted, of course the minimal distance and accuracy should be ignored, and the absence of movement or disabling the GPS should not prevent live tracking to work.
I have not tried to see if the server can return a kml/kmz file, instead of a gpx?
Also, I did not find a way to rename a live tracking setting.
Finally, maybe some parameters could be set to be sent only when starting or stopping the tracking, and not for scheduled connections; this would allow to differentiate someone who stopped tracking non-voluntarily (no battery, no signal...) or voluntarily, or to purge previous positions.
(for Locus Map Classic)
I have set up a live tracking CGI on my server, but instructing my friends how to configure it in Locus is complicated (with all the parameters to the URL etc).
Would it be possible to support an action URL, like for downloading offline maps, so I can send my friend an URL to click to configure live tracking with all my custom parameters? (Locus Map Classic)