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Devices / Re: Locus running on Ticwris Max?
« on: March 22, 2022, 08:31:41 »
Sorry, I don't really agree and I did my research before buying this thing (unfortunately no one in Locus forums said anything about it before I added more info myself after the purchase).

At this point, I have my first own mobile smart phone (before that I had one discarded by my gf). The current one is pretty good but it's too heavy and bulky and I don't want to drain my battery each and every day due to navi while going for multiple days long trips. The old one has already destroyed battery and screen (which could be fixed indeed, but its Android is 4 I believe and it can't be upgraded), plus it's still bulky.

So I wanted a dedicated small device but most specialized bike computers seem like crap to me and overly expensive on top. Considering the fact I don't care about external sensors (for speed, cadence or biological measurements), I just need nice map for navigation and be able to record my routes, this seemed still as one of the best options. If I had known all the info I have now, I might still consider it, the only deal breaker is the need for proper external gps tracker (and bonus knowledge is the realization even my phone hasn't been recording gps signal as well as I expected).

Devices / Re: Locus running on Ticwris Max?
« on: March 20, 2022, 12:50:22 »
It feels heavy indeed, I'm not sure I would like to wear this on my arm for a longer period. But my intended use is solely on the bike, therefore mounting it on the stem or handlebars (as can be seen in this post: which actually inspired me to look into the specific Ticwris Max product in the first place).

One important con I forgot to mention is its touchscreen - it is a bit finnicky, it doesn't react to every touch as expected and that becomes more evident when you need to press small button or pinch zoom the map. Again, this doesn't bother me when I need it mostly for showing me map for navigation and recording my actual route. But I would strongly advise against using it to plan your trips as that will be a pain. The same step down in comfort which you have by using mobile phone instead of regular computer could be expected here (when using Ticwris watch instead of a mobile phone).

As for battery consumption: let me report back once I use it more thoroughly, but the test ride was cca 26km (about 2 hours moving time, 3 hours altogether with stops for shopping etc.) and my battery went from 100% down to 80% (wifi and bluetooth turned off, GPS on obviously, recording my track and I also sent my signal out for Locus live tracking feature).

Devices / Re: Locus running on Ticwris Max?
« on: March 17, 2022, 23:21:32 »
Some pics so you can have some idea about the GPS tracking. It's not so bad, but typically you could get this difference:

Ticwris average but noticeable inconsistency:

The same part of the route recorded by my phone:

And just to illustrate extreme discrepancy of Ticwris (there were only like one or two places like this in 26 km long ride):

Yet again the same part of the route recorded by my phone:

Devices / Re: Locus running on Ticwris Max?
« on: March 17, 2022, 23:05:22 »
Ok, reply for anyone coming after me, wondering the same question. I bought it after all and so far so good, although my experience is still limited.

- my concern about correct screen position was not necessary, it can be always tweaked with a help of apps like "control screen rotation" for any mount.
- a propos mounting: it is very nice size for an average stem, it fits both my gravel bike and cross/touring one, even without moving away front light holder which is right next to it on bars.
- screen brightness when almost maxed out seems to work fine during daylight, but I still need full-on sunlight to confirm that.
- overall, former Locus map pro works on it really well, incl. all my presets and dashboards. One drawback contrary to proper phone is that map rotation according to your direction doesn't work so smoothly.
- the other drawback is GPS in general. It is definitely worse quality than my phone, but comparing it actually side by side, I realize even the phone one is far from being ultra accurate. Ticwris one occasionally makes you "ride through buildings" and look drunk with its zigzag patterns. I would say it's perfectly fine for navigation (unless you go geocaching etc.), but track recording lacks a bit because of it.
I will try to improve it by ordering Qstarz BT-Q818XT Bluetooth GPS Receiver and linking it together, but it will prolly take ages before I receive it (will update the thread once I do).
- battery consumption is most likely reasonable, I was kinda expecting even better efficiency, I'll see more after I start to ride all-day trips again. Once I connect it with the aforementioned bluetooth GPS receiver, it should be better (bluetooth reportedly eats much less battery power than GPS and Qstarz seems to have capable battery on its own according to reviews).

If you are curious about anything specific, do not hesitate to ask.

Devices / Locus running on Ticwris Max?
« on: January 11, 2022, 20:34:42 »

does anyone have any experience running Locus Map (either the oldschool Pro version or the new 4 one) on this hardware ( )? It's presented as a smart watch but it is basically a phone running on older Android version.

I would rather see its use as a bike computer :) So I'm interested in any experience anyone could have. But especially how rotating the screen with Locus running works there (as I imagine having it in its vertically elongated position on stem or handlebars would be the best, whereas the original intended position on your wrist is horizontal). Also how precise its GPS location works. And maybe also how well its display could be read during sunlight and if the whole thing could be actually easily attached on a bike or certain level of DIY-ism is required...

From the usually mentioned downsides, I am aware of the obsolete Android version, but if my only use will be just for maps, I prolly don't care if it will be hacked :)

The battery duration should be much better than any existing bike computer.

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