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good news from me too on my galaxy, speed is now as before, with this new version, nice work, thanks!
I did it!

1.9.7 works fine, moving maps by fingers without delays.

 the 1.10-versions still have the delays!
I have the old version 1.9 as the free version installed, so I share the same map data between 1.9-free and 1.10.2-pro (do I ?). In 1.9 and using offline maps already downloaded (personal section), drawing of the maps is without a delay. Same map in 1.10.2 has significant delays up to 1 second. So I think it's the drawing function.
Hello anybody,

Locus is a great app, so thanks to Menion for the nice work.

I have a problem with the new versions 1.10.2.
After update to 1.10.2, the maps are displaying with a lag of time. In 1.9.x, moving maps by fingers is very fast without a delay. In 1.10.2 are delays up to 1 second by moving the maps with fingers or by zooming.

Samsung Galaxy S1, Android 2.2 Froyo
Hi menion,

thanks for the great app, works fine.

A few minutes ago, I did the update from 1.9.x to 1.10.2. First thing I realized, moving the maps by fingers is now a little bit lagging. Not an important thing, but the old 1.9.x version feels better in this way.

I think is the wrong topic here, sorry.