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Hey, thanks for you reply! I do use that theme but as soon as you zoom out it does not work very well anymore. I would love to use that to find areas with a high single track density.

I am trying to find a theme that makes it possible to select which ways are displayed. I would often like the possibility to just only show singletracks to plan a route since that is what I prefer to hike. Sometimes it is very difficult to filter the singletracks in a maze of fireroads. Or when looking for an area to hike in, it would be great to only see singletracks.

Any suggestions for a theme like this? Or is there another possibility to do this?


Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] Voluntary
August 24, 2023, 17:15:56

first of all thanks for the theme I really like it. Lately I have been travelling a lot on the Balkans. Unfortunately open street maps are not very accurate on the Balkans. A lot of gravel roads did not have a type assigned. It was often confusing that a road without a type is better marked than a gravel road (thicker line and bright yellow). All the roads that did not have a type were gravel roads, not a single one was paved. But they appear to be paved.

I think it would improve the theme if untyped roads would marked in a different way, so they don't appear to be better than gravel roads.

I just got a galaxy watch 4 classic and it seems to be very slow in updating the postion on the watch. Any thoughts?
Hey Milan,

thanks for developing the wear os app. I actually switched to locus map for outdoor navigation because of the wear os addon. I would like to see the map further developed as I think it is already very good, but could be better :).

I use an ticwatch pro (2020) in combination with my Pixel 3A both on the latest update.

So I noticed that when displaying gpx tracks I sometimes have a graphical glitch when looking at my watch while hiking/biking. The gpx track is randomly off by a few meters zooming in and out corrects the position of the gpx track. By off I mean the track is relatively moved to the map material.

When I use guideance in combination with the watch it is quiet responsive when lift my wrist to look at it.

When I don't use guideance it sometimes is very slow to update the map. And often does not show the crosshair with the current position. Tapping on any zoom button seems to make the update of the current position faster.

If could make wishes I would like locus map to use the vibration and speaker of the watch. And in any future it would be nice to use the watches gps, download the map material along a gpx track onto the watch and use guideance from the watch.

Kind reagrds

Hello everybody,

I am tring hard to get my head around it but I can't really figure out how it works. So I got a smartwatch and locus map to use it for navigation while mountainbiking. While riding I will have my smartphone in my backpack and the watch at my wrist. I am using a Pixel 3A and a tickwatch pro 2020. For navigation I use gpx tracks.

So I would like locus map to notify me with audio feedback when I get to a turn or crossroads and if I leave the track. So that I can check my loaction on the watch and decide where to go. So far I only tested it in the city and I basically don't get any audio feedback (beeps) in guidance or speech in navigation. I have been through all settings but I don't notice any difference.

Kind regards


Edit: So i must have done something wrong but text2speech now works in navigation mode.

I have another question about guidance how ist it supposed to work with gpx tracks, does just guide to the next waypoint in the track or does use the underlying path on a map if available?