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Yes, I know what "lazy about that" mean. Most probably because I am familiar with phrase "lazy". So maybe we can make a deal - what about starting with: adding "filtr by name" for tracks? Then everyone could make his own, almost completely unrestricted base of categories. Or tags. Or whatever.
I would like to vote for this with both hands (sorry Menion ;))

I know that it will be better to do it on getsatisfaction (sorry again) but only one topic regarded to "categories"I could find was Custom track type //, (which is not exactly this same but... could solve prolem). Unfortunatelly this topic direct me here.

Where I can vote?
Definitely better ;) Thnx
Have Tou fixed Free or Pro version? (beacause I can not find Pro update, already upgraded to Pro )
Thank You for quick answer, but unfortunately I have bad news:

Quote from: "menion"yours:
1. ... html#style - styles have to be in <Document> tag
STYLES - adding <Document> for file with <MultiGeometry> do not change nothing. Do You have differ results than I have? If yes, could You send me a KML file to investigate? Despite of that <style id...> used for <Polygon> work perfectly without <Document>,

Quote from: "menion"2. Multigeometry ... tigeometry - contains only geometry objects, no more name and description tags
NAME, DESC - probably in one <Placemark> could be only one <name> and one <description> (Locus take name and description from the last one used even if it is located in <Multigeometry> area).

Quote from: "menion"mine:
1. igonoring data from PlaceMark - fixed!
I am not sure which data You have mention

Tehere is another one - when I use <Multigeometry> with <Point> and <Polygon>, Locus importing that give a name for POI (Point) and do not give a name for Track (Polygon). Track is shown as "/sdcard/Locus/tracks/"
I think that there is something wrong in the process of taking out <Polygon> for Track and <Point> for POI from <Multigeometry>. But that is only guess.

I am pretty new user of Locus but it is very impressive application in matter of functionality and apperance. Previuosly I have used Maverick Pro but I think they stoped to develope it. For now I am testing Locus Free but probably it will get me to buy Pro version. But comming back to the topic. I have got 2 problems during importing KML files with Multigeometry or Polygon functions.

1. When I import KML file with Multigeometry (with Point and Polygon) with <name> and <description> under <Placemark> and under <Multigeometry> Locus import Point as a Point and Polygon as a Route but Point have a name from <Multigeometry><name> nad Info from <Multigeometry><description> but Route have no name no infos.

2. When I import KML file with <Polygon> Locus properly copy <name> and <description> but do not transfer style <LineStyle> and <Polystyle>

attached two KML files as an example (extension kml changed to zip due to this forum restrictions).

best regards