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Quote from: Menion on May 25, 2023, 11:20:02The world map in V3 is not a problem. Simply download and set as a "world map" in the settings.

Sorry was not fast enough to update my post.

After I set "World Map" in the settings, which I did in the first place like you mentioned, I had to click on one of the V4 Maps. Now everything is working as wanted. Thank you very much :)
Quote from: Menion on May 23, 2023, 13:29:39Hi guys,

hmm, I may suggest a
- check used map theme (in the side map content panel)
- download from the Store "World map" and set it in the app settings > Maps > Advanced > Pre-load global map (this should be done automatically, I know). This should highly improve your 90km resolution
- or using online LoMaps

Thanks for your reply

- I use the "Bicycle & Walking" theme as in V3
- The World Map in the Store is sadly V3. But i.e. my Germany North Map is V4. So it doesn't switch
- Online LoMaps is not an option where you don't have internet access...

I updated my Locus on the latest version 4.17

Also I updated every LoMap to the new V4 version.

Sadly since the update I have problems with displaying the map on large scales (>20km).

On 90km scale. No roads are shown
On 20km scale only Autobahns/Motorways are displayed

Only at and under 10km more roads are visible.

But for planning and routing I need to have the ability to see highways and rural roads on large scales like 90kms. See attachments

On V3 LoMaps this was never a problem.

How can I fix it? It is quite urgent cause I plan to cycle 3 weeks in June.

Could anyone provide me with V3 LoMaps from Urkaine, Romania and Moldova in case this is not fixable by me.

Thanks a lot

since version 4.1.1 I have the problem that when I activate navigation, a new row on the top of the navigation information appears, which was not in 4.1.0.

When I click on it, the icon on the left hand side changes, but the information is still the same "Unbekannte Straße" (engl. Unknown road). The information never changes.

This plus the bar which already existed, steal a lot of usable space from my screen and annoys me every time I use the navigation.

As mentioned in this thread I already asked to have the opinion to disable the top navigation information bars. Now you added one more   ;D

Is there a chance to get rid of the "Unknown Street"-thing?

Thanks a lot,

Thank you very much Menion, that would be great  :)

first of all I would like to say that I really like the new Locus and I can't wait to get on tour with it.

With the new Locus there comes a clean screen at the top, which I like. But I still cannot edit the navigation Dashboard. So when I get on navigation the top of the screen is used by two tiles which I would like to disable, so the space can be used by my own Dashboard.

Is there a chance to do this with Locus Map 4?

Thanks in advance,

vor ca. 1 Stunde habe ich das Goldpaket ohne Probleme per Paypal kaufen können