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Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
August 12, 2021, 19:05:41
Very good!
Via-points is in your plan?
Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
August 07, 2021, 18:14:00
In PC Windows 10 with Firefox 90.0.2 64 bits I've error "Sorry, something's got wrong. Can't get your location. Try again later." with location feature.
In the above images you can see:
- in Firefox Settings I allowed "" to use Location;
- when I open the webmap page I give permission to use Location;
- after a few seconds appears the error message in the bottom;
- sometimes (very few), when I open webmap and immediately click the Locus location button it works and locates me, but few seconds after the error appears;
- after a few minutes the error stops and location button continues doing nothing.
Troubles & Questions / Re: No-go
July 27, 2021, 13:45:24
Quote from: Menion on July 27, 2021, 07:35:59
Hi francisco,
I was almost sure, that this feature is already implemented (recalc during navigation when no-go changes) and you are of course correct > it is missing. Well, it should work partially in case of "Recalculate with point priority" and no via points along. Anyway, it is a more complex task so I'll rather look at it next month and not a few days before the new version. I'll let you know here ... thanks
Ok, I'm glad to help improve Locus.
Troubles & Questions / Re: No-go
July 25, 2021, 23:07:41
In the 3rd scenario above (creating a "no-go" while navigating) I discovered that I have to stop the navigation, edit the route and make a recalc. No way to recalc during navigation.
But it recalcls the whole route, and the final route becomes very different from the original one, except start and ending points.
1- find a way that the "no-go" works with recalc DURING navigation; if we find an impassable obstacle, we put a no-go and app recalcs;
2- but during navigation we don't want at all that the whole route be recalculated; only the needed portion to go to the next point / route, depending on the options we put on the Navigation and/or Orientation definitions
Locus map is the best app for 4x4 offroad. Use it very often and very good indeed. For example the navigation guide, voice on navigation and waypoints is extremely useful in 4x4 offroad because we can concentrate in very complex/dangerous terrains without risk to look too often to the screen and go to a micro-dangerous part of the trail.
Also Orux, but very complex for me & any newbie.
But Locus lacks something to be perfect: 4x4 off-road profile, needed when designing routes and also when we need recalculate a track/route (example: new no-go area, that happens often in 4x4 offroad navigation). In Marketing this little thing opens Locus Maps to a new market: the 4x4 vehicles owners.
In Brouter this theme has been discussed. But I'm on Lorouter, because is the future for Gold subscribers.
The suggestion:
1. Reading maps I saw that they have MTB grades in trails;
2. After doing some trails I saw that
- Grades 0 & 1 - all the ones I've done are appropriate for 4x4 vehicles
- Grade 2 - generally appropriate for 4x4 vehicles (depends on its size & height & characteristics of vehicle); we can go around if a very narrow portion of trail appears with a no-go+recalc or visually searching in map an alternative
- Grades >=3 generally not appropriate for 4x4 vehicles; exceptionally may be appropriate, but should not be considered in route calculation; if we want go there we have the option to manually design the route by there

a) This is my first suggestion, for Locus team create a default Lorouter 4x4 offroad profile
b) Also if there is a way to manually create a Lorouter profile with those characteristics, please a manual or guide how to do it. This b) suggestion can be useful for other activities that need a different profile from the default ones.
Edited: MTB grades were wrong
Quote from: tapio on July 20, 2021, 22:27:29
Habe ich schon mal gelesen, kann aber sein, dass Du das schon woanders geschrieben hast 😊
Is that an answer?
To me in Locus 4 Gold happens many times the same when I am in the Points or in the Routes folder. Mainly when I've done some change to a Point or to a Route.
(Google translate):
Ist das eine Antwort?
Bei mir in Locus 4 Gold passiert oft das Gleiche, wenn ich mich im Ordner "Punkte" oder "Routen" befinde. Hauptsächlich dann, wenn ich eine Änderung an einem Punkt oder einer Route vorgenommen habe.
Troubles & Questions / No-go
July 22, 2021, 19:03:09
There are 3 scenarios I've used "no-go", both using offline Lorouter or Brouter.
In all scenarios the "no-go" had 500 meters range and were active for all routing profiles.

1st. scenario
I plan a route and added some "no-go" areas; then made a recalculate and new route avoids "no-go" areas;

2nd. scenario
edit a saved route and put no-go;  then made a recalculate and new route avoids "no-go" areas;

3r. scenario (really was my first try and is the one more often happens in real life)
I have an old route I do all years, because it haves very beautiful scenarios, and this year one of the portions of the route has a gate with padlock; I putted a permanent "no-go" with 500 meters range, to prevent re-directions to points of track inside that property. Made "recalculate" the route and also go to the nearest point of the route, but nothing happens. Continues routing through the no-go area.

I used both Lorouter offline and Brouter offline, because 80% of the area I use to go off-road has no cell signal, only satellite (gps), so can't use online routers to test.

So I ask for help in the 3rd. scenario above, that is common when doing offroad 4x4.

(edited to clarify/modify text)
One additional note about calculation: I made a test with a route (waypoint navigation) in Locos (both offline Brouter and Lorouter), and in Sygic (offline maps).
In Sygic the speed of calculalation, for example when we miss a street, is very fast compared with Lorouter and Brouter.
I know are different apps. But a note to optimize Lorouter calc speed /priority on execution.
Now about the phenomenon that the route calculation never ends
Take a look at the drawing (attachment of this post) and suppose you are on a circular road, from which several streets exit and all of them lead to our destination, the swimming pool in the center. If we are driving the car it will choose the nearest street to turn left; but as we are walking we have already passed that street and it will calculate for the 2nd street after, but as we are walking we have already passed the 2nd street ... etc; in this example the recalculation is infinite and we never know which way to go, except if we stop or slow down to give the calculation time to finish
Locus 4 & Pro both running ok in Android 11 on 2 devices. Never used SD card for maps (read/write performance & errors in SD happen not only with other people); Important information: never in SD card, except for music & video, apps backup, exchange with computers etc.; Internal memory\Locus is my preferred and hassle free. So I prefer devices with at least 128 Gb internal memory (64 is also good if not with massive maps).
Quote from: Menion on July 11, 2021, 20:33:00

4.1 Recalculation speed
- here it highly depends on the distance the BRouter has to compute. The longer the distance, the speed grows almost exponentially. For common hike & bike, it is not a big problem I believe. Most of the routes is below 50km and for this, speed is good enough. For longer routes it may be a problem, agree.

Bigger problem is, that even Radim, who in our team work on routing profiles, isn't experienced enough, to bring some noticable speed improvement to the BRouter system, so it is more on the work of Arndt (developer of the BRouter).

4.2 Auto-zoom
This will be a lot easier :). You probably has set to apply certain "Preset" when navigation starts (in the navigation settings). So modify this preset!
For 4.1 - the tests were: 1st. for 3,5 Km. track; 2nd. route to waypoint at 1,5 Km ; so no big calculations due to the track or route extension;
For 4.2. I'm going to explore that; I think that an updated Manual is essential because there are so many little things that our head went in " error FFF - out of memory" ;) ;) ;)
Quote from: Menion on July 10, 2021, 20:59:01
Hello francisco

thanks for the very detailed description
Sorry I do not have more usable answer.
Report on the error - is not an error
Due to Menion observations I made new tests.
This is relevant to conclusions: I used an Android phone arm64 with a CPU with 8 cores 1708-2073 MHz & GPU Adreno TM 619, 6 Gb Ram, 256 Gb Internal memory and Locus & Brouter in Internal memory. Always very good GPS signal (< 3 to 6m)
Today I tested only in Locus 4 Gold this combination of situations, in streets of my city (Lisbon-Portugal). These streets are very known and principal ones and present in all maps.
x - navigate a pre-made track
y - navigate to a waypoint
a - using Lorouter offline
b - using Brouter offline
k - using Lomaps
m - using OpenAndroMaps

1 - big "?"

1.1. happens both in Brouter and Lorouter when we are out of the track or route, or Locus "thinks" we are (weak GPS signal ?); so not an error or malfunction.

1.2. Recalculations in the upper scenarios delay very much time (30" to 1 minute, or more); But Brouter is quicker then Lorouter by ~15 to 20". Is too much time for recalculation, considering that when we are in a road or a city street we can't stop, so recalculations never ends if there are various possible way outs during the driving & recalculations; also when we are in dirty-roads with several way-outs while recalculations are being done, recalc also never ends.

1.3. Apparently when a big "?" appears the most advisable is to stop and wait till the recalculation ends; but this is not possible most of the times; and also when we stop recurrently the map is not aligned with the direction we are going to so we went on a loop of recalculations when we begin drive going for a wrong way due to map alignment.

2 - name of streets
Although voice commands says the name of the streets, the navigation panel says "unknown street"; not relevant to me because I use Locus for offroad navigation and Waze or Sygic for road navigation.

3- Zoom levels
Although I've defined specific zoom levels in Automatic zooming (for 4x4 offroad or slow speeds the default ones are not appropriate) each time I start a navigation those zoom levels are overriden; during navigation I've to redefine it. But when navigation stops those zoom levels return to the ones I defined in 1st. instance and are this ones I pretend to use always till I redefine it only if I need ; I don't find the reason for this.

4 - Main conclusion (& suggestions):

4.1. improve speed of recalculation algorithms & also highest priority in the execution of those algorithms

4.2. solution for zoom levels not override (a guide or algorithm error?)
Quote from: Menion on July 08, 2021, 16:05:07
Hi francisco,

Big "?" in navigation usually means that you are out of computed route and you should on the map see, where is the recommended path. To me, it mainly looks that LoRouter and BRouter computed different routes. Is it correct?

Both routers use their own set of routing profiles. You probably do not share exactly the same profiles in both routers right?

So, to at least compare both routers, the best should be if you share with us here the start and end coordinates and type of routing you choosed for BRouter and LoRouter.
Hi Menion,
Yes, probably Lorouter and Brouter calculated different routes; Lorouter was on hiking and Brouter on MTB (both good for 4x4 offroad). But I wasn't in "route" mode, but following a track and automatic recalculation inhibited in both Locus, as always I do when navigating tracks .
I can't reproduce the other configurations, because I changed them after the track.
But I note that I was navigating a pre-made track, not a route/waypoint navigation, and had navigation indications in both Locus ; till certain moments in Locus 4, when those indication disappeared with that "?" - and I was in the track, not out of the track and I was seeing it in both screens. The secondary problem was that when in "?" "mode" is impossible to navigate to anywhere.
For example: when the last "?" happened in Locus 4 I decided to go to a nearest waypoint on an asphalt road; Locus 4 did not give answers because was in "? mode". But for example Waze putted me where I want with a route half in dirty-roads and another half in asphalt roads. And Locus pro + Brouter also.
An important note: Locus 4 was in Garmin Overlander (so no heat or gps antenna problems) and Locus Pro - as backup -and Waze, were in a mobile phone, so navigation conditions against it.
Now the very heat season started in my country and is forbidden to do offroad in my area; so I'll make new tests maybe by September / October and post results.
A suggestion: a friendly option to download Lorouter routing data is necessary; is a remote possibility - but a possibility - that I downloaded the wrong data, but there is no way to know if the data we've downloaded  is relevant to the tracks we pretend to do.
Or a "guide" with images. Brouter has that option, and that is why I'm going to use it.
Last weekend I'd been in a navigation workshop with a difficult track to test. The 22 Km. track was for 4x4 offroad, in dirty roads that were present in Locus Maps.
I did it with 2 devices, one with Locus 4 Gold and offline-Lorouter (updated 1 hour before the run) and another device as backup with Locus Pro and offline-Brouter. Same maps & configurations on both devices, except the offline router.
The GPS precision was very good, always between 3 and 6 meters.

1- Locus 4 Gold with offline-Lorouter
Several times the turn-by-turn presented a big "?" and I could became lost in the middle of nowhere.

2- Locus Pro with offline-Brouter
Always indicated me the way to go; so the backup-device turned the main device

So my first conclusion is  that offline-Lorouter is far away (yet ?) of the power of offline-Brouter.
And that offline-Lorouter is not for offroad, or offline-Lorouter is still in a beta stage and still dangerous for real adventures (without other device as backup), and if so should be noted by Locus.

Or something else I hope someone with more experience can share  ;) ;)
Other features / Re: LoRouter, Brouter
July 03, 2021, 23:07:47
Quote from: freischneider on May 06, 2021, 11:32:25
Have you tried the same email address as with the google account?

Sorry sometime without see the posts.
I had to email to Locus and they transform the Google login to email login (new password and so on).
Now I can login with email both on Pro & 4  and in the web-planner