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That is a good point. I've also been having the same issue (missing points, long time between locations) on Glympse, another Android application

I have no idea why some times were just thrown out. I was also recording a track on my Garmin GPSmap 64ST, and it had no issues, no missed points. It was set to the default "car" setting. I'll change it to your values for my next session.

I've riding a dirt motorcycle. The land is old coal mine land, valleys and ridges. No buildings at all. Usually open sky for good satellite visibility. Of course, sometimes you are along the side of a ridge, so there is solid rock blocking sky visibility to one side

I'm running LMP "as a service" if that makes any difference. I thought it might help keep the operating system from messing with it.

I can try turning on NMEA style output. Other than the format of the data file, what difference does that make?

I have the Android "location permission" set for Locus to "allow all the time"
and I set the power-saving options to "not optimized"
The attached GPX is better, but still is missing a lot of points (you can see straight lines)

I must be missing something

I am starting LMP by pressing on the launcher icon. LMP starts up fine, but without starting Track Recording.

I occasionally get a "process aborted adaptor not detected" message (I may not have the exact wording, it flashes up for a few seconds and goes away

Tried the double-back close, wait a minute, restart and it started recording.
Usually I close it by going to the multi-app display (square box button) and swiping up.

I can't figure out how to turn on auto-record when Locus Map Pro starts up.
I'm running it as a "service" perhaps that is the problem. I've got "settings -> track recording -> automatic start set to "Car" but it doesn't start recording when I open the app.

How do I make it start recording when I open the app?


OK, I've read the links. changed the settings for the battery optimization
So for a CAT S42 the battery optimization is controlled by:

setup -> apps & Notification  -> advanced-> special app access -> battery optimization ->all aps-> locus map ->don't optimize

I've changed it and will check next time I hit the trails.


I have just replaced my old CAT S41 with a new CAT S42. I've been using Locus Map Pro for ages and love it. But its not happy on my new phone. I'm running version 3.49.1 of LMP. The phone runs Android 10

Over a 3+ hour ride, Locus Map Pro recorded only 100 points. I also run a Garmin GPSmap 64ST to record the track, and it recorded 1353 points. The LMP recording missed a lot of points, it says that the track is about 7 miles long, while the Garmin track says it was 18.8 miles. Clearly the LMP missed a lot.

I am guessing that this is either a setting on the LMP app, or on my S42 smartphone. But I have no idea what could do this.

I've attached the two GPS files

How can I debug this?

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