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Implemented / some ergonomics suggestions
August 08, 2011, 12:41:31
Locus is a great product but it is always possible to improve some details in terms of ergonomics. Here are some suggestions:

1) At the track log : The distinction between 'recording' and "not recording" should be much more visible. For example, in the REC mode, I suggest to paint the whole button  in red. It is equally important to make sure we start well and also recording the stop is effective. This is important because these operations are by definition carried out on the field, often in poor lighting conditions.

2) Add a command to quickly change the level of backlight (without leaving Locus) in the forest because if a low level can save the battery when the sun comes out, the screen is unreadable and must then change the settings or use a third-party product to change the level of backlight. (Proposal already made in the post viewtopic.php?f=13&t=855

- Download maps:

   3) The "V" button to start the download is not very explicit and too reminiscent of recording tracks (it would have to put a text or picture clearer (like a big arrow down)
   4) In the list of types of download, there is no one who is (pre)selected. It should be stated.

5) Data import: when browsing directories, we see not in what directory we are. It would be useful to display at the top of window, the current directory path like " sdcard / Locus /"

I think these changes are not too complicated to make and can facilitate the use for all
Other features / Re: Guiding sounds
August 08, 2011, 11:28:28
Thank you, .. I will wait the next release ...

I have a number of other minor complaints about the ergonomics .. I gather in a specific post.
Other features / Guiding sounds
August 08, 2011, 10:24:28
I struggled to understand the guidance system and in particular the parameters to give.
I have configured to get a beep when I stray from the path. Now I find that I receive a beep as each jump from one point to another and most of the route, even stopping on the road I have a beep every 30 sec.
In fact, I had placed a greater distance to "Set next point" (100m), while the "distance for sounds" was smaller (80m) ... Briefly, at each change point was too far from the track while I am on it!

However, I have a problem with the choice of a warning beep. Finding the beep too quiet, I wanted to choose "type of sound notification" and "Custom sound on distance" and choose the "Chime" (and OK), but the beep is the same and that "Custom is selected sound" my choice (Chime) is not displayed when I return it!

For usability, I think we should distinguish the type of notification (remote or the passage of the point) and the choice of beep (standard or custom).

Ideally, there should be an custom alarm sound for X (1, 2 3 ?) times when you lose the route and beep until it is found (see the Special lorqu'on find it).

I am using Free 1.9.5

Thank for your work !
Other features / Re: Samsung Galaxy SII
August 07, 2011, 20:42:33
The Galaxy SII is actually very well with Locus but I find that its autonomy is limited and that the GPS fix time is too long (about 5 min)
 Of course, there are additional applications to manage the level of backlight (Widget Brightness) and to get a faster fix (GPS Test)

I intended to ask a question about that.
Anyway, I want to thank Menion for this very remarkable software  which I have allowed myself to write several web pages in French to facilitate the discovery of the software ...