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I have done lots of geocaching using an Oregon, and recently I have started using my Android with Locus. I have an HTC Wildfire and it is just as accurate, if not more than my Oregon. I actually have no difficulty with clicking on the cache icon - it is best if you short click - if you click too long it gets the wrong message.  It is brilliant that it gives all info you need.  If you click on compass after clicking the cache, the compass tells you the distance to the cache (as well as the direction) in the middle of the display, and also tells you the gps accuracy in the bottom right hand corner. You can even get a guiding sound that beeps when you get close to the cache which would probably be good if you are on a bike (but I find it annoying so turn it off). It would be good to log as you go. If it is not possible to get into the geocache file to do this, it would be good if we could mark waypoints on the track ;)  and log it that way so that we can know which is which when we get home - but if I look at the clues and map on I can usually remember them.
In general, Locus is a brilliant way of geocaching offline.  My Oregon has broken at the moment, and I have used my Android with Locus and not had a 'did not find' yet. Also you can look at both the usual maps and google satellite at the same time to get really good location of the cache which is very useful.

Thanks for your help. It seems to be only with Bing satellite maps. I think the other problems were the maps were too big for my Android phone. I have now successfully downloaded both Ordnance Survey maps and google satellite maps using Separate map SQL lite with no problems. I can easily live without Bing! Also thanks for putting tracking on so I can see where I have been - any chance of putting waypoint markers on so that I can mark where I took photos or points of interest to return to?
I went geocaching at the weekend using Locus and it is brilliant! I could use both Ordnance Survey maps and satellites to find the geocaches, and Locus and the compass were more accurate than my dedicated Garmin! Brilliant! Thanks so much for this app.

Actually, I am still having problems. It seems to download the maps OK, but then can't find them. I download the same map with the old TAR method and it works straight away, so again, please don't get rid of this method - it is slower but more reliable.

Thanks for your reply. I am not sure what happened, but it is working fine now in SQL. Keep up the good work - I have been using Locus for Geocaching and it is brilliant.

I love this app!
I also love that you can download geocaches - that is what I will use it for - once the snow has gone!
However, I have tried downloading maps using the new system of SQlite, and my phone can't seem to find them. The old TAR version still works well, so please don't remove it altogether! (Or let me know how to work the new maps - they have been saved to the SD card on my HTC Wildfire as I can see it when I connect it to my computer).
It would be even better if this app tracked your trail in a gpx file, but I still think it is brilliant.

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