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Actually there are some good reasons, the best one being that if you're on the road going 100 - 150 km/h and you only DL small maps, you're going to run out of map pretty soon. And then you don't want to stop (or maybe you don't have where on the motorway) every hour to change maps (unless the map "joining" feature has become operational ? in whch case this would be no problem). Anyway, since I'm going to DL the same ammount of tiles, in one map or 10 smaller, and since it's another app doing all the traffic, I don't see how that would reflect bad on your (very good) work.
I'll try to find that limit empirically, now that I have all these tiles in the tilestore and all :)
Edit: And I found it, approximately. It's closer to the lower limit than the higher from those mentioned above.
Is there any limit to a map size, other than the sqlitedb file size on disk ? Like the number of tiles (close to 500,000) ?

I have created a road map (not sattelite) with MOBAC from one of the big providers, of a large area with about 495,000 tiles (MOBAC limit is 500k). It has zoom levels 8-16 and only about 550 MB.
However, when I place it in the "Maps" dir, Locus will not load it and it does not appear in the "maps" list below the other maps that I created with MOBAC and which can be loaded fine, even though they are larger (1.7 GB, but fewer tiles). Locus tries to read it ("initialize") for a while but in the end it is not recognized.
Note that a map of the exact same type, only smaller (about 300,000 tiles - 330 MB) was loaded fine by Locus.

So, is there another limit for Locus or Android ? Any ideas ?

Thanks for your suggestions.
Hi, I was thinking the same thing: that maybe it is the particular map format (projection) that gets scrambled in the process of converting (source > MOBAC > Locus). Maybe there are additional steps in Mobac which could improve this ? Anyway I did initialize the map with the right provider and the error is less than 50m (which is good). Hoping it will get even better once I get out of the house :)

Thanks again for the support and for this wonderful application.
Hi everyone, now that I've got the maps working :) I ran into a little problem. I download satelite maps via MOBAC from *various* sources and then import them into Locus. Trouble is the maps are "a little" offset, meaning that my real location on Earth differs by ~200m from the location indicated on the map. So either the GPS receiver info is wrong (will investigate...), or (more likely) the map does not have the exact coordinates for the region in question.

Therefore is there a way to calibrate the map (that is to enter the real coordinates for one - or two ? - points on my saved map) so that Locus will then display my correct location on the map whenever I get a GPS reading ?

Thanks for the support... as always :)
Nevermind that, great news everyone... I re-DL'ed the maps in sqlitedb format (RMaps), put the resulting sqlitedb file into Locus > maps and... it works ! :) When the aplication started, it said something like "initialising" and it auto recognized the copied file. This really is the greatest map application I know, especially for people interested in multiple map sources and particularly in good quality sat imaging maps. Congratulations to the developer for doing such a great job.
Hi everybody, this looks like a really great application (esp with the 'extended' functionality :) )

I do have a problem with creating maps on a desktop computer with MOBAC and importing them to Locus. I've tried creating medium maps (say 30 x 30 km) at multiple  zoom levels (8-10-12-14-16), in various formats - sqlitedb and tar. After I create them with MOBAC (ver 1.8) I copy them to the SD card, in the Locus > Maps dir or in any other place and I try to import them, but without success. Locus doesn't auto recognize them in the "Maps" dir and the import function also doesn't find them when I browse the directory with the map files itself, wherever it is placed.

Any advice on how I can import medium to large maps made on PC, with MOBAC or any other map creator (only those that support Google) ?

Thanks for the support.