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Title: Live tracking
Post by: artekphoto on May 10, 2022, 06:41:46
I'm a premium gold member however funny that sounds but I'm looking for help setting up a live tracking for a private group. We will be riding motorcycles in Peru in a week and I would like to set up a private group/website where family members/friends could see where our group is. I believe I'm using the latest app version and I'm having a hard time finding info on how to set it up. Can someone provide me with a step by step directions on how to do it? Instructions seem to be pointing to an older version of the app.
Thank you
Title: Re: Live tracking
Post by: Menion on May 10, 2022, 15:16:18
in the manual are just old pictures of the main map screen (from the Classic version) anyway Live tracking function is still identical in both versions!

Is there anything specific that is not clear to you? Feel free to ask. Otherwise, really suggest checking the existing manual page (