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Title: Wanderreitkarte trouble
Post by: MissSofie on April 14, 2021, 22:27:46
Dear team,
thanks for the new version!

I use Locus 4 Gold.
Yesterday, it was possible to enter my Abo-data for Wanderreitkarte, no problem there. All my map data was visible.
Yesterday I downloaded some tiles, with the setting: overwrite tiles older than 0 days, and this morning with the setting "...older than 5 days." However, nothing of my old data was left around the area that I downloaded. The file is much smaller than previously. Several attempts more had the same result: download went on, counted the tiles through the zoomlevels 1 to 15, then ended with a blank window. Over the day, Wanderreitkarte online turned invisible, too, so no further attempts were possible. Shortly "loading" appears, then just a blank background.

I have rebooted the phone twice, cleared the cache, but no change.

In Locus Map pro, the online map shows on the first try, but when I download an area, parts of the screen stay blank. When I switch to the online map again after that, it doesn´t appear anymore.

What can be causing this? From the news on Nop´s page it doesn´t seem to be a recent change there.

All my other maps work beautifully, by the way.

Edit: where do I change the "device" in my profile? It is Samsung A51 now
Title: Re: Wanderreitkarte trouble
Post by: MissSofie on April 16, 2021, 15:34:36
Wanderreitkarte works now again in Locus map pro, online map appears and can be downloaded.
In Locus 4, the online map does not load at all, the screen remains blank.
Luckily, I can use the offline maps generated in locus map, but this is just a workaround.
Is it a problem with the abonnement, maybe it can not be used for both versions of the app? I´ll check with NOP. Or can it still be a locus problem, with internal databases or whatever?
Title: Re: Wanderreitkarte trouble
Post by: Menion on April 16, 2021, 22:13:00
if I remember correctly, NOP made some protection mechanisms based on unique app ID (user-agent to be precise). This has changed with Locus Map 4. We will check it. 
Title: Re: Wanderreitkarte trouble
Post by: MissSofie on April 18, 2021, 11:37:25
Thanks, Menion.

Here is Nops answer:
"you can use the abo on as many apps/devices as you like."