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Title: GPS partially deactivated
Post by: heinzie on April 22, 2020, 11:19:39

i use Locus 3.45.0 witt Xiaomi 9 Ptro Android 10

The problem is that in the Satellites view the satellites are briefly detected and then the screen is blank again. This repeats cyclically ~20 sec.

The symbol Satelite in the upper left corner always stays green. The live update during a recording is always interrupted. With Google Maps this works without problems.

If I use the tool GPS Test everything is ok, no interruptions.

I have deactivated the function "GPS & Sensors > Google Services assisted location".

What could be the problem ?

Title: Re: GPS partially deactivated
Post by: menion on April 24, 2020, 16:09:45

may you give a try and enable "Google Services assisted location"? What is a reason to deactivate it? Most of the apps use this enabled by default. In the case of Locus, it is some kind of fallback, because not on all devices it worked correctly (some time ago).