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Title: Tap on checkbox triggers scrolling instead
Post by: twil69 on October 17, 2019, 20:55:22
I recently wanted to move some tracks from one folder into another one.
So I opened the original list of tracks, tapped the wrench icon to bring up the check boxes for selection.
Whenever I tried to tap a checkbox to select a list item the view jumped to some other tracks. After several attempts - that became more and more annoying - I noticed, that the tap accuracy seemed to be poor (or my fingers too fat) and the tap was recognized in the scrollbar area that is next to the checkboxes. Just as if you click with your mouse somewhere in the scroll bar region and the slider jumps there.
My track list is longer than one page, so scrolling is certainly needed. However, with the inaccuracy I observed selecting list items  is not reliable and you need to be veeeery precise to have the right action happen. Otherwise you have to start over and scroll to the region again for the next attempt. I resorted to long-tapping a list item, that will select it, too. For me it would be sufficient to scroll the list with repeated swipes. I dont need the scroll bars. At least not in the way they are implemented now: just a couple of pixels wide, which you barely can use in a meaningful way. And effectively the inaccuracy also renders the checkboxes useless. Then you could stay in the original list, long-press what you want to select and.... no, the copy, move and export actions are not available there, only in the selection view. And this is defunct  - at least for me.
But before complaining too much first a request for confirmation: did anyone else observe this problem?
Title: Re: Tap on checkbox triggers scrolling instead
Post by: Andrew Heard on October 18, 2019, 23:41:35
I had this same behavior with general track list. Annoying. I think it was improved in a recent beta because I hadn't had the issue since; but also haven't tried to reproduce it either. I haven't tried to check this behavior after long tap when multiple checkboxes are shown, but it does sound exactly the same.
Title: Re: Tap on checkbox triggers scrolling instead
Post by: Menion on October 19, 2019, 20:55:12
@twil69 just for sure, latest Locus Map 3.40.1?
Probably best for multi-select is to long click on single track and after multi-select is enabled, click anywhere on whole line, not just on the checkbox.
Title: Re: Tap on checkbox triggers scrolling instead
Post by: twil69 on October 19, 2019, 22:15:49
No, I am on 3.40.2  ;)

Just tried what you proposed and this is good enough for me.
The checkbox is rather a state indicator than a graphical trigger for the selection.
This is a little unusual but now that I know it I can well live with this behavior.

Thanks, menion