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Title: Revision of Locus Map texts
Post by: menion on October 05, 2017, 17:46:27
Copy of my global email to all people who helps with app translation:

Good evening dear friends,
hope you all have a great time. If Locus app still follows you in your life, even better.

Among other things I still change and modify ( some of you maybe noticed completely new Route planner and Track editor screen that will probably come out next week ), I've also decided that after all these years, texts in app should be polished, united, simplified, etc.

So, we are currently making few steps to accomplish this task. All who wants to continue in amazing translation work, please check our "Translation manual" page here with few tips and tricks, how text should sound and look like.

We are also changing quite a lot of texts in app, but in slow step-by-step process, where every change is well tested and confirmed. So no worry, there won't be "translate all again" action, but it will all take maybe half a year ( expect ).