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Title: Dynamic direction pointer in Dashboard?
Post by: twil69 on June 27, 2017, 14:49:19
Can I add a dynamic direction pointer to the Dashboard?

A quick search only delivered  this post (, where a similar question was raised some time back. I am not aware that there was either an answer back then or an implementation in the meantime. But I may have missed it...

Background: I was paddling the other day and my phone with Locus in guiding mode was packed in a waterproof pocket, in bright sunlight and a little away between my feet. (And me wearing sunglasses instead of my reading glasses) No chance of seeing the details of the guiding panel under these circumstances  :-\

Now I had the idea of creating my own custom dashboard with the relevant information in giant size.
I recall from the old Garmin days that you could have a direction pointer in the "trip screen". I searched around in Locus and found dashboard items for bearing, course, azimut, some along with a symbol. I adjusted the sizes to giant and looked forward to testing. Unfortunately the symbol is just what the name suggest - a symbol of what this element is supposed to represent. A static symbol, that always points to the same direction, no matter how you are moving.
So this was a dead end.

I tried compass guiding view, but the readability is not good enough, especially the heading marker does not stand out enough.

I then tried the freshly added guiding line parameters. Cranked the width up to 350% which came near to what I imagined. But there is a twist here as well: although you are offered to adjust color and opacity of the guiding line, this does not make the line transparent to allow a look at the map items underneath. Instead, the color just got a little lighter.

I may be good with this workaround, but I am wondering whether there is a better solution for this. Especially, as I would need to revert these guiding line settings manually each time I am done with canoeing. This would really be better isolated in a dashboard I can activate temporarily.

Any know solution or hints?