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Title: topo maps of serbia and montenegro
Post by: Dejan Jeremić Jera on April 25, 2016, 13:36:51
Since there are no usable topographic maps for my region, I recently created some maps for locus apk. My source is old(~35y) military 1:50.000 maps which are not military secret since 1,5 years ago.
Initial calibration was done manually.
Collar is removed in global mapper, and calibration is translated into UTM zone 34 projection with wgs84 datum.
Maps was merged in mapc2mapc. 4 tiles which represent 1:100000 map are joined together, then 2 of these are merged again (I joined them by east+west piece). then i saved them in mapc2mapc for locus. I also experimented on zoom levels so they are not all the same zoom and quality. There is about 2-3gb of files.
Should i put google drive link here or should i upload them on some share server?
Title: Re: topo maps of serbia and montenegro
Post by: voldapet on April 25, 2016, 17:24:42
Hello Dejan,
do I understand it correctly that you want to share crated maps with other users? We can place map files into Locus Store for free downloading.
However I need more information about maps, some terms of use, etc. Would you please contact me in personal message?
Thank you
Title: Re: topo maps of serbia and montenegro
Post by: Dejan Jeremić Jera on April 26, 2016, 12:59:10
there are some maps that are available for this region, which are free to download and here i will post some of my thoughts about them.
i did field and GPS testing of those maps considering Serbia and Montenegro region:
this map is available in version for LOCUS also. It is 1,7gb and covers most eastern and south part of Serbia, including Bulgaria(whole) and whole Macedonia. Their source was obviously soviet military maps in scale 1:500000
map is seamless, and precise in Serbia. Relief is bit hard to read and on some parts it is unclear.

American version:
Maps are good looking,and very fast to read on a blink of an eye. Forest coverage is good since those maps are obviously made by processing satellite data.They are made in geopdf format which take small space but you need global mapper program to convert them to ozi format then mapc2mapc to convert them to locus.
They are good for foreigners which travels into Yugoslavia back country, but for locals they are inaccurate ~25-60m are offsets.Offset get smaller when you go west.
Russian raw  version:
it have same looking and accuracy as before mentioned Bulgaria (in begining of the post) but you have variety of scales:1:1M-1:50K larger scales are pretty inaccurate but since they are totally free they are good for region.
They also lack locus version, they are gif files accompanied with ozi map file so you will need MAPC2MAPC program to convert them into locus.
Yugoslavian version:
there is no yet place to download them but i am working on that(making locus versions)
as somebody who live here and go in mountains a lot, my votes are as follows:
1. Yugoslav military maps 50k scale for everything except new roads for cars and forest coverage(use google satellite or ovi Nokia for that), but for bicycle , walking, hiking, they are  the BEST
2. American topo maps for quick view, and for overview of "newer" road data, forest coverage, explanation of toponym, conversion to statute measure.
3. russian/ bulgarian it is on 3rd place mostly because majority of territory is not covered with 50k scale but with 100k scale or larger

Title: Re: topo maps of serbia and montenegro
Post by: Dejan Jeremić Jera on October 18, 2016, 11:55:47
last Russian link dont work anymore i will check if it is somewhere else...
on first glance they are here now: