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Title: Optimization of track edit dialog
Post by: Joachim Buhl on November 05, 2015, 09:12:20

Over the summer I testet all the new features in creating a lot of MTB tours.
Routing with MapQuest plus adding and deleting manual navigation points is really great.
Also "strict routing" plus the ability of Locus, that tracks can overlap without confusion in navigation is great.
Together with customizable instruction definition and automatic display on/off, I think Locus reached 98% in navigation, when the track is prepared accordingly.
Thanks for all the effort to bring it up to this level and special thanks to Menion.

And Locus with Mapquest and Openandromaps is still the best routing planning tool.
But I would have some wishes to bring it also to 98% ;-).
Its all about editing navigation instructions:
1. Fast deleting of points: Right now you need 4 clicks to delete a point. I would like to see "delete point" in right arrow context menu without additional question => two clicks
2. No "intermediate goals"/Zwischenziel or "You have reached at your destination": Right now on a tour of 50km I have 20-30 intermediate goals and "You have reached..."-points. Sometimes both on one place. I have to delete them all manually.
Fast deleting (see 1) and the opportunity to delete all that points at once or to avoid the creation of them, would be nice.
3. Multi selection of navigational instructions: To delete all unnecessary instructions a checkbox (behind "delete point") in right arrow menu would be nice where you can mark all points you want to delete and if you click "delete point" at the last one, every selected point is gone. That would be nice.


Title: Re: Optimization of track edit dialog
Post by: Andrew Heard on November 05, 2015, 23:57:24
Would this post be better in help desk so users can vote? Also the help desk has a wider audience.
Title: Re: Optimization of track edit dialog
Post by: Menion on November 06, 2015, 09:00:26
Joachim, it all brings me back to one idea that should cover it almost completely I think ... ... there should be a functions to quickly work with all points

And Andrew, thanks. I also prefer collection ideas on help desk. Forum should serve mainly for beta version and sharing experiences and advanced discussions about certain features.