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Title: kml maps and polygon labels
Post by: emil6 on October 14, 2015, 21:32:38
I´m using locus locus a few weeks now; I'm trying to make some maps as kml files.  I´m not a developer and I use app mostly for private purposes ((recreation). I have successfully created sample maps with polylines including labels. With polygons I experienced a few difficulties and not quite satisfied with the result regarding labeling polygons. I'd like to label polygons in the center of the object. I'm converting shp files to kml with shp2kml and the file is displayed in locus  as layer correctly, but labels don't appear as I´d like to. If they are displayed they content polygon name and additional data (0m), which i don´t need. Also polygon object area isn´t touchable anymore – I have to touch label on the screen to get displayed additional polygon information. If I create kml file with shp2kml without setting up a label, the polygon object on touch displays attribute data alright. So my question is how to prepare kml file to displays label inside the object and touching polygon area would return additional attribute info.

The best solution would be if labels are displayed within a certain range of polygon size and if the labels could be turned ON/OFF within locus app.  I´ve read about using styles in css or lsd, but it seems to be a little tricky; also don´t know if it could be applied in locus app. I look for an easy way to create polygons with labels within using (free) applications for building kml and preferably not manually editing kml files.  So I would appreciate suggestions, which would be the right way to go and what application to use for that purpose...
Title: Re: kml maps and polygon labels
Post by: Menion on October 16, 2015, 15:09:22
Good day emil6, welcome to forum btw.

Some feature that are not used by majority of users, are not perfect. I'm well aware of this. Support for KML files is one of them. Basic features works fine, but some advanced tasks like polygons suffer little bit.

Anyway to make it work better, I usually needs some helps with testing from others. So if you are not satisfied with how Locus handle KML files for now, we may try to improve it. Otherwise, take is as is, because currently no improvements in KML handling are planned.

So generally, what I need. Best is to simulate same problem. So if you may prepare me one tiny KML file that display in Google Earth and that also display in Locus, where I may clearly see one major problem, I will for sure check it and try to do something. Common steps are, that when one problem is solved, we may try to work on another ...

So, it depends on you ;).
Title: Re: kml maps and polygon labels
Post by: emil6 on October 21, 2015, 21:16:09
I will send you a few small kml files with explanation just tell me where to..  :-\
Title: Re: kml maps and polygon labels
Post by: Menion on October 21, 2015, 21:19:14
Fine, best on my email , thanks