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Title: Thank you for a great app ...
Post by: on October 01, 2015, 21:53:18
I tried Locus because I was looking for an offline navigaton tool for bike tours ...

Then I saw what else is possible with Locus Maps ... and one week before my holidays I switched from OruxMaps to LocusMaps ...  ::)

I planned my routes with Locus/brouter (even for that I switched from PC to Locus) ... recorded my tracks ... changed the tour sometimes on the fly ... used POI-Alarm for geocaches on the way  8) ... used navigation ( and one time LM detected, that I took the wrong way  ;D) ... used my own  :) dashboard ... etc.

And it was ten days of great fun, no crash  8) ... and a lot of (for me) new features.   :)

Thank you for this great app ... and the activ development.  ;D