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Title: Merge Track Database
Post by: tomasio on May 11, 2015, 06:28:17
I want restore my Track Database from a backup without losing my new tracks.
Tracks were organized in three folders (e. g. Road, MTB, Hike). Current and only folder in my working Locus Pro App is named ”RR“. May I somehow import my old Tracks from the Database without deleting the new ones?

Otherwise I’d have to import the .gpx files one by one which would take soooo loooong  :'(

cheers and keep up working on the greatest Navigation app I’ve ever used.

P. S.: If you need some Icons or so I am glad to help you out as a graphic designer.
Title: Re: Merge Track Database
Post by: Menion on May 11, 2015, 06:50:43
Good day tomasio,

hmm currently some "merge" feature do not exists in Locus so import is a best method. You may simplify import by packing all GPX files you want to import into one folder, into ZIP file and import this ZIP. I'm sure, it will be a lot faster ;).

If you do not have tracks in GPX, there is need first to backup current database, restored old database, export all tracks to GPX, restore new database and import all GPX files ... uff complicated, sorry.

EDIT: and thanks for offer for graphics works. There is always a lot of work to do, but I mostly welcome some "interest without request" :). So if you find something in Locus, where you are sure you may do it better (like any icon), feel free to write me specific suggestion. I'm cooperating with one freelancer that did most of complicated graphics in Locus, but because of his lack of time, I learned basics in PhotoShop so now I'm most of simple icons do by myself ... which is not optimal solution ...