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Title: brouter not following bike route
Post by: bkk_bro on April 30, 2014, 06:49:55
I've searched high and low for an answer for this. I'm using Locus pro and brouter and I'm trying to get a bike route to calculate while offline. I installed brouter, downloaded the maps for my area in brouter, also have offline vector maps installed in Locus, and it calculates a route when offline but it doesn't follow the bike paths. I chose the server mode, fast bike, and everything seems to be functioning well except it's routing for a car no matter which profile I select. Brouter is selected within Locus but it won't follow the bike path, any ideas? I added the to and from waypoints and the black screen with white dots comes up in brouter when I set it.

Actually it looks as though it is following bike paths, just not the ones I want. When I use Google maps bike,  or Mapquest, they draw a path exactly the same, which is a scenic route I want. Brouter uses a bike path which evades the water and goes through the scummy area of the city. I messed with the trekking profile to turn on or off certain parameters but still paths are arbitrary. Any way to get a more similar route to google maps bike?
Title: Re: brouter not following bike route
Post by: jusc on April 30, 2014, 19:39:15
It's hard to say, could you please share a small route as an example for testing?