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Title: GC2JB9H - Hradecky Poklad (Hradec Králové)
Post by: fricek on November 19, 2010, 16:13:07
GC2JB9H Hradecký Poklad

Tested on WhereYouGo version: 0.4.10
playable: YES
problems: NO

Game is completely in Czech Language
Jde o mé první Wherigo, tak ho můžete vyzkoušet  :D

Cartridge download:
Code: [Select]

GeoCaching information
This cache has not been reviewed yet.
But the chache has been already placed (hidden), just waiting for reviewing (maybe few days later)...

So: You can successfully finish the cartridge and Unlock it at !
But if You want to log it at, You should wait after it will be officialy reviewed.