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Title: Dashboard :Ascent and Descent - values to high
Post by: locuscycling on September 28, 2013, 17:17:37
Last few days i noticed  on my Locus (with Beta ) some problems with incline values ( %).Ascent and Descent values are surely to high .

For ex.  my last track see enclose . When i read this gpx in Endmondo i see total ascent 1102 . But on my dashboard i saw something like 1900

I especially controlled one nearly flat segment ( ca 7 km)  but according to Locus dashboard i made ca 150 uphill meters.

Now values in inclination  especially  on  flat are unpredictable.Sometimes  this measurament jumped from -10 till +15  ( Yesterday i saw +70 % on maybe 5% hill)

I dont know if there where some changes in software regarding Altitude Calculation .Now the weather  is not stabile , pressure is very chengable but i havent seen something like this for a long period.