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Title: GEMF: converted to sqlitedb
Post by: stebu on September 12, 2013, 17:25:24
I started a new thread, because this is not a speed issue.
wait converted?? nono, nothing like this is possible with Locus :)

Well all my personal files (.SQL and former .GEMF) seem to have a mapname.sqlitedb-journal file associated, date = 9/8/2013.
This is the date I upgraded my phone from ZTE Blade to Xcover 2. I just moved the SD card and re-installed Locus PRO.

One of my original GEMF maps causes an error and will not load, 2 others work well.

The (assumed) conversion probably thought, that the maps used ellipsoidal model, but they had spherical. I do not remember if we ever solved how this data is placed into GEMF file. The provider number wasn't a global solution.

Currently I have only "academic" interest in GEMF maps, other maps provided by Locus are just fine!
Title: Re: GEMF: converted to sqlitedb
Post by: Menion on September 18, 2013, 08:10:17
Hello stebu,
  hmm so used some external tool to convert Locus SQLite database right?

  problem you have is same as should appear in SQLite maps. There is also not any general information if map use sphere, ellipsoid or some other projection, it just store tiles by x, y and z parameter.

  So even a native SQLite maps use "provider ID" as main parameter to set correct map projection on source tiles. Same it's with GEMF format