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Title: Vmap
Post by: bianchifan on August 27, 2013, 14:44:58
Some weeks ago while thinking on a map style of may own ( I used Openandromaps but I didn't like it's colours :( ) a friendly guy pointed me to locus for the possibility of using svgs in mapthemes.
I found V-scale, had a closer look at it and started..while getting more and more familiar to Freizeitkarte at the same time.

So I tried to create a theme/style that works with all maps, Locus, Openandro, Sebbos, mapsforge itsself and last but not least Freizeitkarte, too.
OT on
From my point of view, Freizeitkarte walks on a completely wrong way. But it's still 1st choice for bicyle way's.
OT off

The main templates for my theme/style were the openandro themes, so I copied the non physical routes nearly 1:1.
Declared aim was the best possible visiability of ways on and off the roads under certain circumstances on standard android devices (not high end).

light, MTBSKI, HC
( (

pistes within MTBSKI
( (

bicycle ways supported by Freizeitkarte
( (

Vmap for Locus (
Title: Re: Vmap
Post by: jusc on August 27, 2013, 15:12:05
sounds interesting. Can you please add a screenshot?
So users can see what they will get.
Title: Re: Vmap
Post by: jusc on August 28, 2013, 08:51:59
I had a look to your theme VMap wit the Freizeitkarte. Is it correct that some Icons are so big, at least on a Galaxy Note2.
Title: Re: Vmap
Post by: bianchifan on August 29, 2013, 12:48:14
Can you please add a screenshot?
So users can see what they will get.
Aren't there ..1,2,3..4,5..?

BIg Icons? Some should be very big, like shelters for example.
Galaxy Note I do not know, hmm..
As written in the header text, developed with Genymotion and tested with Defy.
The symbols are much smaller there.
I remember that sizes differed between some Android Version, esp. pngs between Locus and Orux, so I minimized some pngs.
But those like in your pic are svgs, so the scalar function may vary quite extremly.
I also remember great differences between Orux and Locus on scaling dash arrays.

Ok, it seems I've took the wrong DPI parms in my emulation windows :(
but I never testet in Münster for I don't need any GPS there.. ;)

Genymotion's Defy Emu, Defy with Locus, Defy with Orux
( (

Somewhere in future I'll try to change..
but please keep in mind..for best results (incl. rendering time) you will need a special theme for every map and every app and nearly every zoomlevel

Title: Re: Vmap
Post by: jusc on August 29, 2013, 14:40:45
Yes I see, and you can do it as you want.  ;D
Somtimes it´s better for oriantation to have bigger icons.

Are you a triathlete, because of the big swimmer?
And yes I use Locus and cyclemaps with cycle themes in cyties too, because I can see the cycle routes etc.