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Title: Wishlist for Tracks
Post by: VisualDigits on July 01, 2012, 12:19:28
I checked out the new tracks screen and found some topics here.
When I import data using the "Import Data" function I will be prompted for a category to choose.
These categories belong to the waypoints contained in the data.
But when the data (f.e. gpx files) contain also tracks and routes they are imported to the synthetic category "imported".
Then I tried to manually change the category (which I don't want to do for all the imported stuff).
I realised there is another set of categories which I can not change and which do not fit my needs.

What would be nice now(okay for me...):

Kind regards,

 :D  What you have created for the last years is really absolute impressive - nearly every update is a big step forewards.
Thanks for all the hard work!  :D