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Title: Display updates during navigation
Post by: tommi on November 03, 2011, 17:51:06
Menion, sorry I have to stress my point from viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1243#p7363 ( again but I try to be more precise this time.
I use car navigation with vector maps and activated auto-zoom on my SGS I.
All three features are really useful but the combination is almost unusable because of display updates shortly following each other with the effect that most of the time there is no complete map display on the phone's screen but only tiles of it.

I think the reasons for this behaviour are
- bad render performance for vector maps (o.k., I understand that this isn't your business)
- frequent display updates triggered by
   --- auto-zoom (due to detected change of speed) and
   --- movement of car
- restricted processor performance
Please correct me if you think this is wrong.

If you like to read a proposal for a improvement:
I think a preparation of the screen image for the next display update in the background could improve the situation drastically: leave display as is (only move the "car cursor" until calculation of the next display image is complete.
Do you think this is possible?
Title: Re: Display updates during navigation
Post by: tommi on November 13, 2011, 22:03:44
Hi Menion,
could you provide an answer on this, please?
Just not to let me wait forever.