How works the altitude recording?

Started by jusc, July 02, 2013, 18:09:10

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Today I disabled data and calibrated the pressure sensor to 60m (what was roud about the GPS altituide) at start of track recording.
Now first point was correct at 60m recorded but second point 10 meters ahead already with 104m altitude.
How is it possible? Are there any older (downloaded) data used without being connected to the internet?
Regards J.


Locus uses SRTM data if available.
Is 60m also the altitude given by dynamic altitude you would get from internet?
If yes there shouldn't be such a drastic change at all.
If no I still would not expect it.
Does the pressure sensor really work reliable?


Quote from: "tommi"Does the pressure sensor really work reliable?
That´s a good question.  :mrgreen:
I tested today with "Calculate" (Berechnen) with Online (Google).
Same behavior. Stoping GSM and starting recording, first point is correct with calculated altitude. next point 10 meters away  ist nearly 40 meters higher. And on this level the whole track seems to be to high.
With another App Altimeter 1.9 ( ... eter&hl=de) there are no jumps like in Locus.
Regards J.


ok, so if I understand correctly, just first point is at 60m, all others are moved for some value higher? What about "Altitude offset" (second tab in Altitude manager), are you using it? Or "Optimize GPS altitude" by HGT files ...
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Yes you understand it correctly. I´m not using any correction, the Offset tab is "grey". And no GPS optimization.
Regards J.