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Started by Menion, March 18, 2019, 14:52:24

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Quote from: Žajdlík Josef on April 30, 2019, 19:15:49
I don't know if I understand correctly? The PRO version selects the map theme. The preferences would make no sense if the map theme could not be selected. What would be the prefix "tourism" with a car theme map?
Now that Locus is supporting two parallel sets of themes - for LoMaps/MF3 and for MF4 - selecting a theme is not sufficient as the theme has to be the right type for the current map. Really the map type has to be selected as well. But that presupposes that type of map is available on your device.

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Žajdlík Josef

This shouldn't be a problem, the map theme and maps come from the same OSM Paws: However, I understand that the map should be selected in combination with the map theme.


I had to remove this preference completely (from the quick switch and from presets).
The new system is internally completely different and I have to write this setting different (do now know exactly how yet).

I'll also try to create something more generic that cover also selecting specific settings of every theme as requested by many people over the help desk. It will anyway definitely take more than a day so little later ...

ah thanks, I'll check it.
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Žajdlík Josef

I understand it's not easy.  But I think it should be resolved before the Pro release.  For the current user with Lomaps, V4 maps will not bring anything new.  Conversely, losing important preference settings would look more like a deterioration in functionality.


Understand Josef, I'll try to do it :). But just inform, that most probably in next Beta, this feature will be missing.
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When recording a track, always a FC happens with
Report by system sent.


I have thought notes about incoming improvement of route priority recalculation.

Lets imagine route priority autorecalculation , strict following off.

I go along 10 km deviation from the route, that goes in parallel to the planned route and then rejoins.

Both ways are equivalent in sense of routing preference and there are no shortcuts along the deviation.

As it is supposed to aim navigation recalculation toward closest route point, then after 5 km on deviation, it would point (generally) to 5 km point of the planned 10km segment.

Q1: Does it mean it would try to turn me back in first 5 km, as that way to the respective point on the route would be shorter ?

Q2: When recalculation aims me forward, with chosen closest route point, and I finally get on the route somewhere ahead, I guess it will be reasonable enough not going after that point. :-)

Additional note:
It may be good not to choose the closest route point, but project it ahead, along the route, depending on route deviation. (I guess something similar is applied for guidance, but not sure)

E.g., if I am 3 km off the route, it may project the route meeting point a x 3=3 km     
ahead of the closest point., if a=1.

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Zoom lock on Pro: First tap on button restores the last zoom lock magnification immediately. Second tap reverts to initial unmagnified view.
Zoom lock on beta: No immediate effect on first tap. (That's ok but not so convenient) Second tap keeps the same magnified view until I adjust the zoom when it reverts gracefully to a standard magnification and zoom to display the same area. Personally, I don't find that intuitive or nearly as useful as the current Pro method which gives one tap to magnify an area of interest or confusion, second tap to revert.

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hmm I just fixed few reported issues, but I do not see anything related to track recording. Maybe some side-effect. Please try next Beta version and if it will still crash, create for me a log manually, thank you!

Q1: you think about this also because of discussion on BRouter forum right? I'm still not perfectly sure how BRouter handle request from Locus Map so without precise testing I think that yes, app will guide you with the shortest possible path to the nearest point along the route.

Q2: with "strict following" disabled, in moment you connect back to original route, you should continue forward.

You think that using some "projected" point will work always? Imagine your situation. The route may after these 10 km turn sharp left or sharp right or even u-turn and in all these cases, projected point 3 km from "meeting point" should really not be what you want.

Anyway, I believe it needs some test :).

In Beta version is under Skyplot screen > menu > simulation option with simulation over a recorded track. I've just improved it a little bit so it now correctly follow recorded (planned) track also with the correct speed. So it is a nice method to test the navigation system.

hmm I'll check it. This option has settings over config.cfg but seems it does not work correctly. Thanks
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Quote from: menion on April 30, 2019, 17:02:51

If you see "map does not support themes", this should happen only if enabled map really does not support themes.

As I wrote:
With all of my vector maps (LoMaps, Outdoor, Classic OSM) are now without a theme, selecting a theme gives always "the actual map does not support themes".

I can reproduce this behavior on two smartphones with your LoMaps even after a complete new installation of the beta.
But if I install the OAM V4 map with some themes then I can select my old V3 themes with LoMaps cards again.
Perhaps your program does not read the correct configuration?
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Quote from: menion on May 01, 2019, 10:33:21

You think that using some "projected" point will work always? Imagine your situation. The route may after these 10 km turn sharp left or sharp right or even u-turn and in all these cases, projected point 3 km from "meeting point" should really not be what you want.

As I do not know what Locus passes to BRouter, I neither know how it is managed. I would just guess it would be treated as an ordinary short route.

I mean projecting along the route, not geometrically. So it would lead me to a route point 3 km forward from the closest point on the route.

If we consider both route and deviation segments of the same length,
and if the recalculation happens at km5, 3km off the route,
it would point me to the route km8, still 2km before route/deviation meeting point.

My whole idea was optimizing the track length, to return to the route in a relaxed way, as trade off between route following and passed distance. Sure, it would need testing.

Thanks for the tip, I forgot/never knew it is there.

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I compared old/new recalculation logic today and the results are mixed.
I append the route I planned.
I'll start navigation at the yellow cross. I'm in direction of route between sharp point 1-2 and much closer to 1-2 than to route end point 8.
Then I follow route.Will left route at red circle and will be back on route at blue circle.

First of all the initial point why you changed recalculation logic didn't happen with release version (it was: Does not notice back on track. Means navigation must be stopped and start again to fix this)
Nevertheless the result is interesting.
Release version.
- start navigation at yellow cross: Wants to navigate you to end point, even route between 1-2 are closer
+ recalculation after left track (red circle) recalculation tries to bring you back on route (purple 1,later purple 2).
+/- because it recalculates back to track correctly the "does not notice back to track" issue didn.'t happen

+ navigation starts correctly to route between 1-2
- after route left it allways tried to navigate back to red circle (green/blue sign 1). For many recalculations.
Very short before blue circle it switched to green/blue sign 2 (back to red circle too I guess)
+ After ignoring green sign 2 and turn right back to route it switched to purble 2. Means it noticed back on track and skipped all past points.

Conclusions :
1. With new logic start is much better
2. Recalculation of release logic succeed in this case, new fails.
3. New logic notice back on track correctly.

I.'m sad I didn' t had the initial problem to change recalculation logic described in support forum.

If needed I can provide videos.


During my comparison between old/new recalculation logic I had the problem that Locus simple stopped and smartphone returned to launcher. It didn't show crash or anything else it just stopped.
This happened multiple times. Because time between locus or navigation start and stop issue were different each time I don't think it is because Firmware accu optimization or something similar. To be sure I disabled Doze mode completely but didn't fix the issue.
Don't know if this helps but I add three logs.

Happens on OnePlus 6, Rom (LR) based on AOSP.


ok thanks. I'll have to play with it a little more than...

I was of course also thinking along the route, not as a projection, don't worry. It is additional logic to the current system, so let¨s firstly try this first system and we will see.

thank you for such precise testing! I just a few days back did some more tests and another small improvement that may affect this test as well, sorry for this.

Thanks also for crash logs. Unfortunately, I'm unable to perfectly find the reason of this issue but seems to be somehow connected to some active dashboard. Is this possible? If so, may you share this dashboard with me as well? Dashboard files are in Locus/data/dashboard directory. Thank you!

Method for navigation simulation

With the Beta version, there is a nice method of how to test the navigation system. I just improved it little more so the current method will work correctly in next Beta version (probably tomorrow):

  • plan a route you want to ride (that will simulate real movement) in the route planner.
  • save it and set it's "activity type". This will affect simulation speed
  • in skyplot screen (screen with satellites) in top menu choose simulation > track > and choose your track
Now it's possible to test navigation with "Navigate to" function or also on the route, planned with route planner.

You may also start the simulation with own recorded track > nice for repeating field problems.

In case of the problem with navigation, best is to share the track used for simulation and navigation route itself. Then, everybody may simulate exactly the same what happens to you on your device.
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Regarding comparison old/new recalculation
While checking my videos I noticed I start navigation in Beta in a wrong way.

In release I selected a specific track point while map view and start navigation from this specific point (near sharp point 2).
But it navigates to end point, not specific point.

In Beta by accident I start navigation in track menu. Nevertheless it navigates me to nearest point which was between 1-2 which is very nice.

Redult is even worse for release.
Even if it knows which point I want to start navigation it selects end point by themselves and ignores User.

(Just a comment because it might be forgotten by all the error reports.
Locus is the most powerful navigation software I ever saw. Not only for smartphones. It has unbelievable features. Don.'t be afraid and keep up the great work)