Input of coordinates: UI messed up

Started by wvmarle, March 24, 2013, 12:15:41

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Just now trying to add some points by coordinate. This used to go find, but something in the UI changed and it's messed up. Basically, the longitude is covered by the Add and Cancel buttons, making it impossible to enter coordinates. It's also impossible to scroll the thing up a bit to make it visible again. See screen shots. This the most recent Locus Pro (auto-updates; version 2.10.1).



hello wvmarle and also balloni (in different topic). I finally found a way to move bottom confirmation buttons on all dialogs above keyboard. Till now, all were always hidden by keyboard. Unfortunately this seems to be a small dialog that miss scrolling component. Fixed now and will works in next version probably in Tuesday (ver. 2.10.2)
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Thanks in advance.
There may be more such dialogs, especially on the smaller screens like my phone, but haven't searched for them. Just ran into this one.