Author Topic: [POI] Some POIs for Gran Canaria (KMZ - requires  (Read 2041 times)

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Another collection, this time for Las Palmas. Some of the KMZ files also include "tracks" for routes I took on this vacation. All of them include some images, so you have something to look at even when offline in Gran Canaria...

As all my other collections, this is far from being complete. So you should add your GC collections here as well  :P
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Re: [POI] Some POIs for Gran Canaria (KMZ - requires
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2018, 16:41:09 »
I noticed that the old travel thread is way out dated here so I plan to create a new one. This 2018, I plan to visit Europe and Spain. For my summer holiday, I'm looking at Tenerife or Lanzarote.I came across this one article about the place here in I've never been to either and apparently, the beaches are fantastic as well as being suitably 'different' to make it interesting. How about you guys? Any plans?

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Re: [POI] Some POIs for Gran Canaria (KMZ - requires
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Probably spam? I'm always sad to see such nice places covered by pools, hotels, too many people ...  :'(
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