Author Topic: No .tcx file support Locus ?  (Read 7790 times)

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Re: No .tcx file support Locus ?
« Reply #15 on: March 23, 2018, 17:45:23 »
By Locus Pro V3.30.2. 
Successful strict navigation by simple (no extension) gpx (trk)track_navwpt file.
- a. Test by track_navwaypoint file: Association by position AND timestamp .
- b. Test by track_navwaypoint file: Association by position only. (Timestamps removed)
Example file attached in Reply # 13.
Some gpx benefits compared to tcx.
No 10 character name limit. (Optional) <desc> element can contain extra info. Supports not only L/R/S directions but all Locus variant directions by <sym>. Supports multiple Via point Icons as there are the Garmin ones, the Locus ones. Smaller total file size. By (dropbox) file share easy fine tuning by alternative programs.

By pc * gpx editor create a Via or Nav Point or (future) add <type> Shape.
And a function not offered by Locus, add free POIs in the gpx file.

The wpt_poi list by the (experimental) gpx (rte)route_navrtept system IS NOT cluttered by a huge amount of associated waypoints because the instructions are discreetly hidden into the rtept's.

Edit <sym>text by (pc) "gpx editor" or Android DroidEdit, Quoda etc.
The exact <sym>text must be known.
In attachment : 3 gpx files to exactly find out.

1. The Garmin Icon list. (Wpt) <name> is identical to <sym>text.
2. The Locus Icon list. (Wpt) <name> is identical to <sym>text.
3. The Locus Navigation Icon list. (Wpt <name> is identical to <sym>text.

Navigation by free voice "Morse". (Locus store > Features > Morse Voice Samuel: Download).
In gpx<cmt> find the used Morse character for loud and clear turn announcement according to supported <sym>.
Unknown unsupported <sym> are announced by lower tone frequency Morse sign: t

* gpx editor:
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