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Hallo zusammen,

vielen Dank für Eure Tipps, die mir auch die Lösung brachten. Bin zwar nicht sehr erfreut darüber aber so geht es wenigstens.

Ich hatte LocusPro bereits schon mehrfach deinstalliert und dann wieder neu installiert. Mit und ohne sofortigem Einspielen des Backups.

Das Problem liegt daran, das wenn LocusPro auf einer SD-Karte (als interner Speicher formatiert!) installiert wird, funktioniert es nicht. Ich habe LocusPro nun auf den internen Speicher geschoben und schon hat es nach einmaligem Bestätigen funktioniert. Aber zurück auf die Karte kann ich es jetzt nicht mehr schieben. Die Schaltfläche ist nun verschwunden.

Ich weiß nicht ob das ein Bug oder ein Feature ist.

Auf jeden Fall Danke für Eure Tipps und Hinweise.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.23.+ ( 3. 4. 2017 )
« Last post by Andrew Heard on Today at 01:10:20 »
Tap on any preset > auto zoom ZL/speed list item or bin icon results in instant crash for me too :(
The Back button doesn't respond in preset > auto zoom dialog.
The preset > auto zoom enable|disable setting is ignored. Maybe because Back button is ignored? If I enable, exit, go back in to preset, the auto zoom is disabled again.

Also crashing in settings > Maps > Advanced > Auto zoom too, not just presets.

Just thinking more about this new configurable Auto Zoom feature as a cyclist and motorist, in it's current form where ZL level is only related to speed, it is of no help. As a cyclist I have a fairly constant speed and ZL is more closely related to distance (than speed) to next navigation turn or announcement. For example as I approach roundabout speed is constant, but I zoom in to just see exits. So I would like to see a ZL list where ZL is set according to distance or speed, or in a simpler auto-adjust mode the ZL is set/ optimized so that current position and next turn are both visible on the screen.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Quick Distance to Point
« Last post by jgraef on Yesterday at 22:10:29 »

Line To GPS -  Exactly what i was searching for. :)

Many thanks,
Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.23.+ ( 3. 4. 2017 )
« Last post by Žajdlík Josef on Yesterday at 19:58:01 »
Hi Menione, the "auto speed" function is very nice thanks. I have encountered three smaller problems so far.
1) Click on the item in the list below (the settings you have set) will cause a fall and a restart of Locus.
2) Setting new list items is not very intuitive at first. Instead of "speed" text, it would be enough to write "speed to the map scale".
3) When I turned on GPS, the map scale did not change according to speed. Only when the speed has changed to some set value from the list has changed.

Ahoj Menione, funkce "auto speed" je velmi pěkná, díky. Narazil jsem zatím na tři menší problémy.
1) klik na položku v seznam dole (připravená nastavení) způsobí pád a restart Locusu.
2) Nastavení nových položek seznamu není zpočátku moc intuitivní. Stačilo by k textu "rychlost" dopsat "rychlost k nastavenému měřítku mapy".
3) Když jsem zapnul gps až za jízdy, měřítko mapy se nezměnilo podle rychlosti. Až ve chvíli kdy se rychlost změnila k některé nastavené hodnotě ze seznamu, proběhla změna.
[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: náměty
« Last post by general77 on Yesterday at 15:52:24 »
Tak jsem to zkoušel a nějak mi to nejde. Tlakovy senzor vůbec nejde zapnout. Musela by být zřejmě možnost připojení měřiče tlaku přes bluetooth manažera.
Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.23.+ ( 3. 4. 2017 )
« Last post by balloni55 on Yesterday at 15:39:26 »
1. window "speed auto-zoom" didn´t keep always on
my locus setting Display/Always screen on is enabeled and set "Always"
but this window get dark after a few seconds

see behavior on 3.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Quick Distance to Point
« Last post by claytown on Yesterday at 15:34:17 »
Awesome thank you! I knew i must have been missing it.
Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.23.+ ( 3. 4. 2017 )
« Last post by ta-ka on Yesterday at 15:30:58 »
@ta-ka: thanks, I've found another places where units were not set correctly, so let's try another round ...

Hi menion.
hmm... the issue is still there with I noticed that the line width of the 'Line to GPS' is thicker as well.
It might be device specific issue because I see those thick width lines only on LG G3 valiant device with stock Kitkat (4.4.2). I didn't provide device info before. sorry for that.
Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.23.+ ( 3. 4. 2017 )
« Last post by menion on Yesterday at 15:09:46 »
Hello balloni, thanks for testing.
May you please give me few more information to some points? Thanks
1. do not understand
3. there should be only error in case, this speed value already exists. But this should be as a small red warning directly in edit field
5. ah, thanks, I used already existing text and did not correctly checked it's content. Improved
6. thanks, fixed
Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.23.+ ( 3. 4. 2017 )
« Last post by balloni55 on Yesterday at 14:30:32 »
Hi menion
new Beta with some smaller useful news autozoom
my first impression
1. window "speed auto-zoom" didn´t keep always on
2. whats the map preview for? EDIT: set ZL
3. after i insert e.g. 40 > ADD i get a warn info "Speed (km/h") EDIT: its only if keyboard is visible
4. where can i set the depending ZL to set speed?
5. if all "Zooms" are deleted info says "tap button on top to create one", this button isn´t at top....
6 after click on any set "Zooms"  > FC
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