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Add-ons / Re: Field Notes - How?
« Last post by menion on Today at 12:27:17 »
help desk is definitely ideal option to ask basic questions. In this case, you firstly needs to log a cache. To do it, open cache menu in cache itself. More here:
Good day Andrew,
thanks for a report. I see main problem here that chart does not match to statistics tab. In statistics is visible that around 31 minutes, there was "no movement" and it's not correctly reflected on chart, agree.

So I hope this will be better

Good point, thanks Andrew, fixed.

damit GC-Vote mehr genommen wird, muss es schnell und einfach gehen. Da die Zukunft den Mobilen Geräten und den Apps gehört, sollte eine Bewertung auch dort möglich sein. In C:Geo wurde das bereits umgesetzt. Daher habe ich bei Locus den Vorschlag gemacht damit eine Bewertung in der App integriert wird.
Bitte für diesen Vorschlag dort abstimmen, damit er umgesetzt wird.

Danke !
Add-ons / Re: Field Notes - How?
« Last post by freischneider on Today at 07:23:43 »
for Questions you go:
Troubles & Questions / Re: Time at Arrival
« Last post by poutnikl on Today at 07:16:34 »
[...] Currently it's used exponential filter that use latest +- 1 hour of average speed for every activity separately. [...]

I see. I may have confused it with the old time span for the navigation hints. They use rather seconds than minutes now, after our discussion,AFAIK. 

The solutions that perform all of a/route calculation, b/route following and c/ETA estimation have an advantage. As they can calculate a nominal route speed profile and provide very good ETA estimation based on nominal and real-time profile comparison.
Add-ons / Re: Field Notes - How?
« Last post by alanmcd on Today at 04:58:41 »
The website says the th Field Notes Manager looks like this:

but my screen shows this:

is this correct?
ensure settings > tap on track: popup, not screen

tap on track > track info > tap on greater than > menu popup > tap on Show on elevation chart > 1st tab of track info is displayed and chart tab should then be selected/ chart displayed, but isn't.

I normally set chart X axis to distance, but today needed to accurately measure time stopped (3 places). To my surprise these times @ 78, 106 and 281 minutes show non-zero speed! All 3 times the line is perfectly straight over periods of many minutes (5, 14, 4 minutes respectively), clearly unlikely for a cyclist of my ability. It appears the speed at beginning of the stop is displayed as last non-zero speed, and straight line is then drawn to first non-zero speed once riding again.

Black vertical lines show period while speed should be 0km/h:

Add-ons / Field Notes - How?
« Last post by alanmcd on Today at 03:43:44 »
I must be blind or something - I've tried for hours to create field notes. I can add a cicle and a line, I can add a photo. But it's not listed anywhere. I see the help file has a menu on the bottom of the FieldNotes Manager but my manager window is half size and I cannot get to the bottom menu button if it exists.
I've installed the add-on as well and all I get is the filter must be set. No way to add a note, no way to see notes.
There has to be a step by step somewhere?
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